Monroestar Marketing Expertise Sought by Businesses, Politicians, and Nonprofits Alike

Monroestar recently announced the completion of new marketing strategies for a variety of Midwest clients. The company specializes in web design and has a number of other internet marketing tools at its disposal.

Online PR News – 16-November-2009 – – CHICAGO, IL - Monroestar was recently called upon for three very different projects in the Midwest area. The media consultancy was first asked to create a website, menu, and logo for Q-BBQ, a new barbecue restaurant in La Grange, Illinois. Q-BBQ needed a company to give it a marketing face, bringing it into the public eye just as it launched. Monroestar responded, creating materials that represent the attitude of the company and achieved the goal of bringing the company, individual, or organization into the spotlight.

Drawing on the uniqueness of the restaurant, Monroestar designed a logo, menu, and website for Q-BBQ. Inspired by old steakhouse and ranch designs, the end result has made Q-BBQ the new town restaurant destination. The menu complements the overall marketing scheme, presenting the food and enhancing the ambiance. Finally, Monroestar is also creating the web design for Q-BBQ, building from the logo they created to structure an effective and visually dynamic online presence. The website shares the same funky yet relaxed atmosphere that can be found at the restaurant itself, seamlessly blending together with the menu and featuring the logo prominently.

Monroestar also recently created Patrick Maher's campaign website. Mr. Maher, running for Cook County Commissioner for the 17th District, needed a powerful web portal to allow for easy communication with old and new supporters alike. The web design focused on accessibility, offering quick access to key links and easy comprehension of Mr. Maher's political platform. In addition, Monroestar ensured that visitors are always able to find links for volunteering or donations.

Monroestar's third recent project was a website redesign for the Amandla charter school. Located on the south side in the Englewood neighborhood, Amandla is a major indicator of the success of charter schools in Chicago. Yet their website didn't match up with the quality of their educational standards, and was desperately in need of a reworking. Monroestar stepped in and redid the website for optimum functionality. The company began by changing the interface to promote better visitor interaction. The old website was difficult to navigate and didn't convey the creative and stimulating learning environment that Amandla provides. The new design is much more innovative.

The new design meshes much more with Amandla's mission. The website is now a much better reflection of what Amandla provides for children, in addition to being simply easier to read, understand, and navigate. To complete the redesign, Monroestar chose to include new images from Amandla's programs, helping visitors get a better understanding of where the school is today. These new images show the vibrant nature of the children, helping even those who have never been involved with Amandla to get a feel for the school.

"We are honored to work with so many great people, businesses, and organizations throughout the greater Chicagoland area. Although we work with clients all over the country, we're especially honored when our Chicago area clients choose us for their website design or internet marketing needs," said Vinay Mullick of Monroestar.

Indeed, Monroestar has much to celebrate: with these projects completed, the company is poised to move on to its next set of designs. After designing for three such disparate clients, Monroestar has proven itself in many different styles of internet marketing.

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