Menopause Support to Dispel the Myth and Prejudice of Menopause at the Pierian Centre in Bristol

Menopause provokes strong reactions within our society. Myth and prejudice surround it and make it a source of anxiety and fear for many women. Menopause Support CIC founder, Heather Fairnbairn shares her expertise on this topic to help and reassure affected women.

Online PR News – 20-March-2011 – – Menopause provokes strong reactions within society. Myth and prejudice surround it and make it a source of anxiety and fear. In an effort to combat these issues and reassure affected women, Heather Fairbairn, founder of Menopause Support CIC, will share her expertise on the topic with visitors to the Pierian Centre in Bristol on Tuesday 22nd March.

She will approach this growing problem by engaging the condition with both scientific rigour and hard-won personal experience. Heather will speak about “Menopause: the informed choice way”.

Menopause is part of a woman’s natural life cycle – but it’s still at times denied, misunderstood and even treated as a disease. Women themselves often look upon it negatively, fearing that the end of their child-bearing years robs their lives of purpose. In the West, where Youth is worshipped, ‘the change’ is often linked with ageing, disempowerment and a loss of attractiveness. Chinese women by contrast are seen as entering their ‘Second Spring’ and are culturally respected for their experience, energy and wisdom.

Heather Fairbairn is an Oxford science graduate with an MA in Complementary Health Studies. Her own difficult menopause and a passion for healthy living inspired her to research and write her now acclaimed Menopause Support Programme. Its success led Heather to set up Menopause Support CIC in 2009 to offer a nationwide service through workshops, telephone advice and an interactive website.

In her own case Heather looked at what she ate and drank, and how she exercised. She also used her scientific background to change the way she lived. “Every woman's experience is different,” she says. “What is the 'right' treatment for one woman is not necessarily 'right' for another – and it can take time to find out what suits each individual. I found there was a confusing amount of information, and that support was limited. So I hope this programme can help women who are having a difficult time and feeling there is nowhere to turn for help or advice.”

Heather’s talk will offer practical steps to both men and women in making Menopause a positive experience – in a sense both partners go through it! She will cover such topics as the pros & cons of HRT, tips on how to look and feel gorgeous, and the impact of menopause on sex and relationships. “Recently I was sent interesting research,” she says. “It showed that a good sex life depends on how women feel about their relationships against the backdrop of their own and their partner’s physically changing body. It also showed how the changes in sex drive and sexual satisfaction through the menopause varied amongst women – not that dissimilar to a woman’s experience of sex at other points in their lives!”

Tickets for Heather’s talk cost £10 – and should be booked and pre-paid on 0117 924 4512 or the website. The talk is at 7.30pm on Tuesday 22nd March – and takes place at the Pierian Centre, 27 Portland Square, St Pauls, Bristol BS2 8SA. The event is the latest in our successful series of Health & Wellbeing talks.