Breathing Is Now Easier
05/04/2009 Introduces Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Online PR News – 04-May-2009 – – April 2009 – A breath of relief, literally, for users of oxygen concentrators. A Colorado based medical equipment company now offers users a convenient and portable oxygen concentrator to all those needing one.

Several patients of various ages need oxygen concentrators to keep their breathing regulated. However, the bulky nature of these breathing aids meant the patient was confined to their home. As the person is largely dependent on the oxygen concentrator to breathe, leaving it behind to go outside the house is not an option. This means, despite no other health complications, the person cannot leave the house at any time and definitely cannot travel.

Obviously this has severely limited the mobility of these patients, who do not like being restricted to their homes. However, with Ulta Health now offering portable oxygen concentrators, breathing will now be much easier. A portable oxygen concentrator is not half as bulky as a concentrator used at home or even in the hospitals and can easily be carried around – making breathing a not-so-hard process even while on the go.

Portable oxygen concentrators are manufactured by several different brands and as a leading medical equipment company, offers users the option of purchasing one from their website. Prices, qualities and warranty periods can be easily compared to choose one that is best suited for the user’s needs. The oxygen concentrators are battery operated and Ulta Health offers several portable oxygen concentrator bundle packages that contain the oxygen concentrator, the battery pack, the battery charger, a carry case etc. These portable oxygen concentrators can cost anything between $3000 to $4000 and most come with at least two year warranties.

However, there are several people with breathing difficulties who cannot afford an expensive portable oxygen concentrator, and despite its obvious convenience are unable to switch to it. When asked if Ulta Health made any special considerations for customers unable to afford an oxygen concentrator, Ulta Health representatives were more than willing to offer a suitable alternative.

As a portable oxygen concentrator will only be required when the patient is leaving the house, Ulta Health offers easy and reasonable rental options. The patient can continue using their regular oxygen concentrator while at home. However, they can contact Ulta Health for their travelling needs and rent one for the specific period of their travel. Obviously, this option has been greatly appreciated by many as buying medical equipment can be much too expensive for many users.

Based in Colorado, USA, Ulta Health has several years experience in the buying and selling of various medical equipment. For the convenience of its users, the company retails directly from its website so users are able to make purchases or rental enquiries online. Users can choose from brand new medical equipment bought by Ulta Health, directly from the manufacturer; or they can opt for medical equipment that has been rebuilt to specification by fully trained and qualified Ulta Health technicians. New, rebuilt as well as rental oxygen concentrators from Ulta Health are much more reasonable than most other medical equipment retailers.

Users of oxygen concentrators, can now take a deep breath, wherever they like, thanks to’s portable oxygen concentrators.

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