695th Ramkatha of Morari Bapu to augment status of Nomadic Tribes

~Morari Bapu’s Ram Katha to create awareness and to fulfill the dream of a house of every vulnerable Nomadic family~

Online PR News – 19-March-2011 – – New Delhi, March 19, 2011: Morari Bapu, an extraordinary orator with special command over Ramcharitmanas and interests in various literary subjects, is all set to motivate and influence masses with his world popular Ramkatha at Aendala, a small tribal village, situated 90 km from Ahmedabad. The objective of this katha is to create awareness and to change the lives of nomadic tribes in India. The Ramkatha will be organised by Vicharata Samuday Samarthan Manch (VSSM), an NGO which has been working for changing people’s perception towards nomadic and de-notified communities who do not have an identity today and forgotten and neglected by every influential segment of society and administration.
Government officials from various departments including Election commission, food supply, women & child welfare dept will also be invited for the katha in a bid to alleviate the condition of such communities and bring them into focus. Also, an exhibition will be organised at the venue to highlight the traditional occupations of the communities and their current situation. A cultural programme will be held every n where traditional entertainers of such communities like snake charmers, rope dancers, Bhavai performers and acrobats of Mal communities will be the major attraction. More than one lakh people from Gujarat including the nomadic tribes are expected to participate in the event.
Further moving with the same vision, this 695th Ramkatha will be organised by Vicharata Samuday Samarthan Manch, with an aim to eliminate discrimination of the Nomads in mainstream society and help them to fight for their rights. Eminent political and thought leaders with presence of people from the defence sector of the country will witness the Ramkatha to be an initiative towards Social Acceptance and identity of Nomadic Tribes. A time when Ramcharitmanas will remind us about our love and duty towards a community counted merely in population but not in society.
VSSM secretary Mittal Patel said, "The condition of such communities is pitiful. They are jobless as their traditional occupation is no longer in demand. They are homeless because of the misconceptions and lack of strong measures to change the live of this community. They have been neglected by society and the government at various levels and rarely addressed. We want to change people's perception through this event and want to create awareness to take action for the upliftment of this community."
Ramkatha is the most effective medium of spreading the message of love, truth, compassion and humanity. Bapu's name, command over the Ramcharitmanas and his heart-rending narrations shows a way of uniting not just one nation, but the entire human race, while at the same time, preserving their individuality. He refers to his Ramkatha as a prem yagna, where people gather in the name of love and expressly calls out to humanity for love and respect for each other. Bapu moves among people continuously. In his everyday life, one can see a conglomeration of ideals that are the basis of a good social structure, and on the other side, smoothly harmonized spiritual practices, devoid of all harshness.
About Morari Bapu
Bapu's name, command of the Ram Charit Manas and his heart rending narrations brought people from all over India in the thousands to listen to his Ram Katha. Bapu’s first Ram Katha was held at the Ram Mandir in Talgajarda in 1960 and outside India was held in Nairobi, Kenya in 1976 when he was merely 30 years old. To date, Bapu has recited Ram Katha in countless places all over India and the rest of the world.
About Vicharata Samuday Samarthan Manch
Vicharata Samuday Samarthan Manch(VSSM) has been working with Nomadic and De-notified tribes of Gujarat since last five years. Looking to the operational needs and administrative convenience the organization registered in the year of 2010. Today VSSM has 7 field staff and 12 Baldosts (School teachers) working around 08 districts of the Gujarat state. Currently, it is working for 40 Nomadic and De-notified tribes in 8 districts of Gujarat. Their population is nearly 40 million in Gujarat and approximately 800 million in India which is approximately 8-9% of total population.
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