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Online PR News – 16-November-2009 – – "MALICIOUS TRUTH"
A wife, successful business diva, and gorgeous specimen of woman, Ava seems to be perfect. Surprise, she is human and filled with malicious flaws. The life she leads contradicts the happiness that fills it. Ava struggles with sex addiction, and unwillingly seeks out counseling. It is this which brings out her secret demons.

The journal which she has been filling in since a teenager is handed over to her counselor after karma hits her in the worst way. Ava must choose between losing everything because of her lies and deceit or admitting the type of woman she truly is.

Some truths are better left untold. It is not always true ~ about the truth setting you free. Sometimes, the truth, malicious and cruel, is that which murders all traces of true love. There are no happy endings for that which sucks the life from something pure. There are no happy endings for liars and cheaters. And, at the end of the day, is repenting for one's sins enough? It all depends on the one who is giving the love and how much he or she accepts as being enough.

Travel through this love story where the heroine has more imperfections and flaws than true love can conquer. Is it enough being correct and moral when you realize all you have ever known could be taken away in a flash of light?