Ten Years of Public Portfolio Performance

Share Wealth Systems have reached a decade of stock market outperformance when compared to Australia’s all ordinary indexes and similar results overseas. Their share trading software is publicly traded portfolio available to all investors.

Online PR News – 20-March-2011 – – Industry recognised stock market systems specialists, Share Wealth Systems, recently released the 10 year performance results of their SPA3 (Sustained Profit Advantage) Publicly Traded Portfolio.

The SPA3 Public Portfolio has been traded through both rising and falling markets since January 25th, 2001. Markets such as September 11 2001, the 2002-2003 bear market where the market fell by over 20 plus percent, the bull market of 2003 to mid 2007, the 18 month global financial crises where the market retraced by 54%, the subsequent 50% rise in the index from February to September 2009, the range trading of 2010 and the recent medium term rise of the All Ords Index.

Gary Stone, the founder of Share Wealth Systems recently said, “SPA3’s performance has been achieved through some of the toughest markets of the last 30 years. The risk and money management principles and rules have helped the SPA3 Public Portfolio make money when the market is conducive to profits and yet protect capital when it’s not”.

Simply by following the SPA3 daily processes and rules, the SPA3 Public Portfolio has returned 17.89% compounded per annum compared to the All Ordinaries 4.15% compounded per annum from January 25th, 2001 until January 25th, 2011. In dollar terms this equates to growing $100,000 in the SPA3 Public Portfolio to $518,709 compared to investing $100,000 in the All Ordinaries Index and returning $150,200. *Including costs.

The key to SPA3’s long term success is it’s proven principles, principles that when executed over a large sample of trades and varying market conditions give SPA3 active investors an EDGE in the market.

By applying the tools and methodology of the SPA3 trading system, investors have a clear and unambiguous set of guidelines with which to engage the share market in a disciplined and professional manner. When combined with the 3 other essential pillars of Risk management, Money Management and Portfolio Management, SPA3 users have a complete system made up of the four essential components needed for successful active investment.

Application of the SPA3 rules ensures the emotions of fear and greed are removed from the trading environment. There is no hoping, guessing, wishing or frivolous attempts at forecasting for SPA3 users. Instead, a clear and concise set of entry and exit rules give active investors the exact points at which time to enter and exit trades. Position sizing and risk management rules are also provided to help maximise returns from the positive or winning trades, and cut losses from the losing trades.
The consistent results of the SPA3 system are the envy of the vast majority of share market investors. One of the reasons behind its success is the extensive research and development that has gone into the technical analysis component of their system, which helps inform users of when to buy or sell certain stocks or other investment.