Add People Announces Pay Per Click Services to Generate Targeted Leads

Online marketing agency Add People provide PPC advertising campaigns that generate targeted leads from both Google Adwords and Bing adCenter. PPC, or Pay Per Click advertising can generate a lot of visitors in a short space of time and generate a great Return on Investment

Online PR News – 19-March-2011 – – Cheshire, UK March 2011 – Websites are constantly on the look out for ways to drive traffic to their website. While SEO is considered a long term method of generating traffic and developing relationships with new customers, Pay Per Click advertising, also simply known as PPC, can create traffic quickly and for highly targeted keywords.

Google and Bing both operate a network of their own websites which includes their search engines and search results pages. PPC ads can be found at the top and at the side of these results, in prominent and easy to spot positions. When a business pays for PPC ads they can have a title, link, and brief description placed in these areas.

Managing a PPC campaign, however, means ensuring that you continue to target the most appropriate keywords, pay the lowest bid price possible, and generate the appropriate number of clicks. Without careful and experience management, a PPC campaign can prove more costly than beneficial and this is where the use of a professional PPC agency really comes into its own.

A PPC agency is experienced in the research of keywords, the creation of ads, and bidding on keywords to get the most exposure for the least cost. They are also skilled at ensuring that the click through rate for a campaign remains high through the creation of top quality landing pages and highly effective ad copy. A PPC management service also has the time, expertise, and tools to ensure that a PPC campaign continues to be profitable.

Add People is a professional online marketing agency providing a range of marketing services to businesses and websites in the UK and around the world. Their PPC management campaigns have helped thousands of customers to generate masses of targeted leads to their websites and other pieces of online real estate. More details and service areas can be found at the website