online service launched to help patients find the best cancer hospitals.

A new online portal called now offers a unique guide to the best cancer care facilities in India that offer world class quality of treatment and care at the lowest cost anywhere in the world. This portal is an invaluable resource for thousands of Cancer patients and their families all over the world who are looking for good quality cancer care in India at a low cost.

Online PR News – 20-March-2011 – – India provides tremendous expertise in advanced cancer care with its highly skilled and experienced Doctors, latest cutting-edge technology like Cyberknife, Novalis, PVP Laser, IMRT etc., internationally accredited world-class facilities, high quality personal service and excellent flight connectivity from anywhere in the world. The best part, India provides all these services at a fraction of cost compared to the cost anywhere else in the world.

CANCER PATIENTS NEED HELP TO FIND THE BEST TREATMENT FACILITY - Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, but a large number of cancer deaths can surely be prevented. Early detection and right treatment under expert Doctors using latest technology and drugs at a good hospital are an essential requirement. The duration of the treatment may be long and very expensive. For this reason is an invaluable resource, a friend and guide in need.

Most of the countries in Africa, Middle East and Asia do not have the latest technology and Clinical skills, expertise for Cancer Treatment. In developed countries like USA, UK or Europe the cost of cancer treatment is staggeringly high and unaffordable for self paying uninsured patients. Hospitals in India are thus an obvious choice for overseas cancer patients from around the world.

FREE EXPERT OPINION FROM TOP CANCER SPECIALIST IN INDIA - not only showcases India’s leading cancer hospitals and their services, it goes much further to help the foreign patients get free expert opinion from top cancer doctors in India and also a cost estimate for treatment. There is not only a large volume of information about various types of cancers on this unique internet portal called, it also offers a Guide for Medical Treatment in India – which has valuable information about how to plan your medical visit, Cost Saving tips for Air Travel, Visa, Places to stay and much more.

About is a patient friendly online resource and facilitation service for cancer patients around the world, who are looking for high quality treatment in India at affordable cost. It helps overseas patients considering high quality medical treatment in India to not only find the best provider hospitals and cancer specialists in India, it also provides valuable guidance and information to obtain all required support services to make their medical visit to India an easy and fruitful experience. Visit www.BestCancerHospitalindia.Com.