The Right Fatty Acids-in the Right Ratio-Fight Inflammation that Causes Disease
03/18/2011 offers timely, science-based information on the uses of fatty acids to fight inflammation. This site explains peer reviewed medical research to explain the products and foods that individuals access for self-directed health care.

Online PR News – 18-March-2011 – – INFLAMMATION is the silent epidemic that causes most of the diseases of modern living. fatty acids are the key nutritional tool for fighting the inflammation that is the #1 cause of arthritis, diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. For fatty acids to be effective, however, it is essential to choose the right fatty acids from the right products and to use them in the right ratio.

Consumers can use the information found at to reduce the risk of developing health conditions and to help reverse diseases they have already. Molecularly distilled fish oil, coconut oil, and dozens of other common fatty acid supplements are documented as tools of nutritional health, and the safe uses of the food fats everyone likes to eat are also explained. Every article offers rational and actionable information that can be put to immediate use for improving health.

Visitors to can begin to see the benefits of consuming the right fats in the right ratio, and taking supplements as needed, in as little as 30 days. Reduced symptoms of chronic conditions, greater mental acuity, improved physical performance, better health, and ultimately greater longevity result from putting the information of this website in practice every day.

The science of fatty acids is constantly expanding. Anecdotal information often becomes factual information as clinical studies are completed. Misinformation is exposed by clinically driven science.

Moreover, good companies sometimes find ways to make even better products. makes a commitment to keeping content current to provide the single, best resource of consumer information on fatty acids anywhere on the Internet. Products that work and diets that work are explained here.

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