Finishing Machinery & Compounds Listed With Detailed Description At Gravcollc.Com

With 50 years of expertise in manufacturing finishing machinery and suppliers like tumbling media, tumbling compounds, finishing compounds, plastic deburring media, corn cob media, we have added some new products to our inventory with detailed description of the products, according to the professionals of Gravcollc.Com.

Online PR News – 04-May-2009 – – MI, May 2009 - “We have been in the industry since the early 1940s. Today, we are on the top of the finishing machinery suppliers. Our finishing machinery such as vibratory finishing machines, deburring machines and tumbling barrels are purchased by many renowned manufacturing companies worldwide. We have been assisting these manufacturing units all these days for acquiring faster production rates. By the use of our finishing equipments, these manufacturing plants have increased their efficiency than ever before. All the finishing supplies such as the tumbling media and the tumbling compounds are manufactured in our well equipped finishing compound manufacturing plants” says Mr. David Scheetz of Gravcollc.Com.

Speaking about the presentation of the detailed description of the products in the website, Mr. David Scheetz said, “As we are in the finishing machinery and supplies manufacturing filed for quite a long time, we are well aware of the specifications and terminologies used in the industry. We have taken care to provide atmost information about the product in our website so that the visitors of our website can pick the right product such as the tumbling media and compounds with ease. Let’s consider the plastic tumbling media available with us for example. There are several grades of tumbling media such as LUSTERWHITE, LUSTERWHITE II, SUPERBRITE etc. We have provided as many information as possible for all these tumbling media of different grades. For example we have explained LUSTERWHITE as Excellent wear characteristics. Extremely low Ra finishes are obtainable. For use with all metals. In the case of LUSTERWHITE II, they are Less cutting than LUSTERWHITE, more of a burnishing media. For use in high energy achines. Extra fine cut. We have provided such valuable information about all our products.”

Speaking on the move, Mr. David Scheetz said, “The website is easy to use so that even no-vice computer users can pick the right finishing product that best suits their needs. Moreover, we have included lots of technical information about the finishing products available with us. The tumbling media are available in many shapes and sizes. We can also custom manufacture tumbling media based on the customer’s requirements. We are happy to know that all our clients are very much satisfied with our products. ”

“There are many innovative products manufactured for the finishing process. They will be made available for a competitive pricing in the near future.”Gravcollc.Com

Grav Co LLC manufactures the finest mass finishing equipment and supplies in the marketplace. They still build vibratory finishing, disc finishing, high speed and low speed barrel finishing, and spin finishing equipment in our Sturgis, Michigan plants. They also manufacture vibratory finishing media, treated cob meal and various liquid and powder compounds, and have a very good line of ceramic finishing media.

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