GameYeeeah recommends Top Video Game Gifts for Christmas 2009

The following hottest video games, consoles and accessories will be sure to make this Christmas memorable for any video gamer and earn you the title of best gift giver.

Online PR News – 16-November-2009 – –
Video game has become one of the all-time biggest forms of recreation for people of all ages. Kids play video games, and adults do, too. With the holiday season approaches, most video gamers are making a wish list for what they hope to find under their Christmas tree in 2009. But how do you find out what they want with so many titles being released. Video game is also one of the top Christmas gift ideas for the 2009 Holiday Season. The following hottest video games, consoles and accessories will be sure to make this Christmas memorable for any video gamer and earn you the title of best gift giver.

For Xbox 360 Owners:

The Xbox 360 - one of the most popular game systems this Christmas. Below are ten gift ideas that might just be the thing for the Xbox gamer on your list this year.

1. Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers - Feel the freedom of no restraints as you enhance your gaming pleasure.

2. Guitar Hero 5 - Rock out in any way you please with Guitar Hero 5.

3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Fight for survival and shoot your way to mission success as the acclaimed Call of Duty franchise makes its triumphant return.

4. Halo 3 - The Covenant rules the Earth — the Flood has been unleashed — and the fate of life everywhere hangs in the balance. It’s also a great game for science fiction lovers. Game is rated Mature.

For Nintendo DS Lite & DSi Owners:

1. Nintendo DS Lite Console (Pink, Black, White, Red, Rose, Ice Blue)

2. Nintendo DSi Cosole (American Edition: Ice Blue, Black; Japanese Edition: Black, Deep Blue, Green, Red, Pink.)

3. Refurbished DS Lite (Ice Blue, Pink, Black, Silver, Red, Dark Red, Dark Blue, Crystal Blue, White)

4. Refurbished DS Lite Limited Edition (Pokemon, Dragonball, Golden Triangle, Love and Berry, Naruto)

5. DIRT2 - Take your mark for a race filled with wild off-road thrills.

6. Pokemon Platinum - Prepare yourself for an exciting excursion into the Pokémon world as you do your best to thwart Team Galactic's sinister plot.

7. Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

8. Pokemon Soul Silver

9. Pokemon Heart Gold

10. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time

11. Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 days

12. Dragon Quest IX: Hoshizora no Mamoribito

14. Flash Cards -

For Nintendo Wii Owners:

1. Nintendo Wii Nunchuk and Wii Remote - Take the fun to the next level.

2. Mario Kart Wii with Wii Wheel - Brace yourself for a new set of tricks, tracks and ways to race.

3. Wii Perfect Shot Light Gun - Use the aiming sight to increase your accuracy.

4. Wii Sports Resort with Wii MotionPlus - Set off on a journey to a tropical island where an array of fun activities await.

5. Classic Controller for Wii - Play your favorite Virtual Console games with the controls you're familiar with.

6. Dual Charge Station Dock for Nintendo Wii - Power up your Wii Remotes for extended gaming.

PS3, PSP Go & PSP 3000

1. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves - Return to a shadowy and dangerous world filled with mercenaries and criminals in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

2. PS3 Dual Shock 3 Controller and Uncharted 2: Among thieves

3. PS3 Wireless Bluetooth Headset – Take full advantage of the voice chat and voice command features of the PS3 system with this Bluetooth headset.

4. Bluetooth (Blu-ray) Remote for PS3 - With the Blu-ray Remote for PS3, Bluetooth technology enables you to take control no matter where your remote is positioned.

5. PSP 3000 – The built-in IEEE 802.11b wireless LAN offers convenient Internet connectivity in infrastructure mode or connections to the PSPs of your friends in ad hoc mode, while a built-in microphone adds to the interactive excitement.

6. Sony Original PSP Go - With its sleek, slim design, impressive 16GB of built-in memory and Memory Stick Micro support for additional storage, this compact and portable system makes it fun and easy to play games, keep in touch with friends and more.