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The report discusses the growth drivers and the major developments in the industry.

Online PR News – 16-November-2009 – – "Machine Tools is a huge industry and is also fundamental for the investment goods industry as it provides the principal industrial equipment base for the manufacturing industries. Thus, in that way the global manufacturing industry relies on machine tools for its core activities. Looking at the other way, the global economic activities and global consumer spending would decide the growth of the industrial production and in turn, the use of machine tools in manufacturing. The industry, therefore, has developed a strong correlation with the global economic growth and economic activities.

The production and consumption of the machine tools is concentrated regionally. Europe and Asia Pacific dominate globally in both production and consumption of machine tools. Japan is the top producer of machine tools followed by Germany, while China comes third. On the consumption front, China leads globally followed by Germany and Japan.

There are variations in the consumption patterns. Countries like Germany and Japan are exporting majority of the machine tools they produce, whereas China’s exports are very less as it consumes most of machine tools produced. Japan’s imports are very less indicating its reliance on the domestic production, while US imports are very high.

In terms of application, automobiles are the major end users of machine tools. With the global economic slowdown, the automobiles production has been affected and so is the effect on machine tools. However, industries like electronics/electrical machinery and equipment applications are expected to experience a fast growth.

By combining SPSS Inc.’s data integration and analysis capabilities with our relevant findings, we have predicted the future growth of the industry. We employed various significant variables that have an impact on this industry and created regression models with SPSS Base to determine the future direction of the industry. Before deploying the regression model, the relationship between several independent or predictor variables and the dependent variable was analyzed using standard SPSS output, including charts, tables and tests.

This report takes a global perspective of the machine tools industry. The global market is analyzed taking into consideration three aspects - production, consumption and global trade. The main regional markets have also been analyzed. The report discusses the growth drivers and the major developments in the industry. The industry players are being profiled with a discussion of their business strategies.

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