Not Getting Value from your SEO Consultant? Website Optimization Expert To Reveal 5 Simple ‘Do-it-Yourself’ Strategies To Get Google #1 Page Ranking -- Free Webinar

Few Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses realize that simple but powerful ‘DIY’ do-it-yourself Search Engine Optimization techniques can get top Google Page rank . Leading Search Engine Optimization expert, Gareth Owen, will reveal how in an exclusive free webinar on November 17th.

Online PR News – 16-November-2009 – – Many business owners pay an ‘SEO Expert’ to improve the search engine ranking for their websites -- but may not be getting the results they pay for. And they may not realize just how powerful some of the simplest Search Engine Ranking techniques can be in getting top Pagerank – and that business owners can often do it for themselves!

Get Real Value From Your SEO Spend

John Thornely, CEO of, notes that "Many business people I talk to spend thousands on SEO consultants to get better search rankings for their websites, but end up with very little benefit to show for it. So I’ve invited a real SEO expert – Gareth Owen – to show us just how effective some of his simple strategies can be in achieving top search engine rankings and grabbing website traffic!”

Gareth Owen provides website optimization to many of the world’s top marketers, including Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, Armand Morin and others, getting top Search Engine ranking with Google, Yahoo and Bing. Many websites under his care receive Millions of website visitors and outrank industry leaders like Virgin and TripAdvisor.

Free Webinar Shows How To Get #1 Google Pagerank

In a Free 60-minute webinar hosted by on November 17th, Gareth will show entrepreneurs and small businesses ‘How To Dominate Google’ using easy website optimization and marketing techniques that anyone can use.

Attendees at the Free Webinar will learn:
* The 3 simple rules to getting high Pagerank on Google
* The 2 key concepts that will keep you at #1 Page rank
* Why many so-called ‘SEO experts’ talk a load of twaddle
* The only 3 simple, Free SEO tools you need
* The biggest mistake that 99% of internet marketers make -- and why their businesses Fail
* The sheer power of simple SEO techniques that will put you ahead of 99.99% of web businesses
* 5 Simple but highly effective SEO techniques that ANYONE can use

The exclusive ‘Dominate Google with Simple SEO Techniques’ webinar is free to join, using any computer with internet connection, and will be held on Tuesday, November 17th, 2009. World-Leading SEO and PPC consultant Gareth Owen will show entrepreneurs, marketers and owners of small businesses simple but effective strategies and techniques to get top website rankings and drive traffic.

Places are limited and will go quickly, given the interest in the topic, so early reservation is essential to avoid missing out. Further details are available at connects entrepreneurs and small businesses with the Experts, to share success strategies and give them the inside track to Business success. To see our schedule of upcoming events please visit