Cheap Land Selling on eBay Below $200 Per Acre
11/14/2009 is a free website which tracks Cheap Land and Home prices across the United States.

Online PR News – 14-November-2009 – – Apparently the U.S foreclosure crises is not just affecting home prices. Recently property buyers have been making Cheap Land purchases for less than $200 an acre, buying land selling on eBay.

There also appears to be bargains among smaller land lots. On November 3rd (2009) a 1/2 acre lot located at the southwestern corner of New Mexico received only 7 bids before selling on eBay (free and clear of liens) for $100.

James Massey, publisher of, a free website which tracks cheap land and home prices across the U.S. stated; “I’ve been seeing cheap homes in severely (economically) distressed areas selling for less than $5,000 for awhile now, so it makes sense that cheap land would start showing up.”

Massey added; “Regardless of low prices, it’s important to proceed with the utmost of caution before jumping in to land cheap in an auction situation. Researching to make sure it (the land) really has value, and the title's clear, should be a top priority before bidding on anything.”

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