SimplyTrak Provides Asset Tracking and Monitoring Software to Fleet Industries

SimplyTrak provides GPS Tracking systems for high value vehicles and personnel. In the UK, they are reputed for their tracking software for static asset as well as relaying of performance data.

Online PR News – 16-March-2011 – – For Immediate Release

SimplyTrak asset tracking services helps fleet managers keep their fleet on the right track

Brough, United Kingdom, March 14th, 2011 – UK asset tracking company SimplyTrak ( is providing an enhanced service to customers from all kinds of fleet and mobile asset backgrounds. Trucks; trailers; horse boxes; plant equipment; and light aircraft are all on the remit of the company, which has seen great success in the past couple of years thanks to its robust systems and easy to use software.

The heart of the SimplyTrak asset tracking system is a customisable customer dashboard, which can be used to develop meaningful reports as well as to show the current location and status of any asset that has been so designated by the user. The system, for example, is able to incorporate new locations or changes to location, which are input by the user.

SimplyTrak ( is one of the United Kingdom’s leading tracking companies – a fact that has been endorsed by a major mobile phone provider in recent months. The phone provider asked SimplyTrak to modify its asset tracking software systems to successfully manage the remote stations that the company uses in Africa to send mobile signals.

SimplyTrak has designed its system to do four main things: to deliver real time location information on all assets; to advise fleet owners and managers when an asset enters a proscribed area or starts to behave in a way likely to impinge on the efficiency of the company; and to send out reminders regarding scheduled maintenance, tax payments and servicing.

The asset tracking system can be used with any fleet or any set of mobile objects vital to company processes.

About SimplyTrak
SimplyTrak is a UK based asset tracking company. The company’s asset tracking system has been designed to be completely user friendly and responsive.

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