Why ESB Tanning Beds Continue to Grow Despite Today’s Economy

In a down market, ESB Tanning Systems has discovered that the best way to increase tanning bed sales is by continually creating unique tanning technologies at very affordable price points.

Online PR News – 13-November-2009 – – Elgin, IL -- In a deep recession where many companies have gone out of business and everyone is scrambling over fewer dollars, ESB Tanning Systems has discovered how to increase their indoor tanning equipment sales by offering an extensive selection of not just tanning beds, but bronzing beds, tanning booths, and standup tanning units, all with leading edge tanning features and benefits.

When some manufacturers try to lower costs, they end up producing an inferior product or a cheap tanning bed to lure customers into purchasing on price alone. ESB Tanning Systems is focused on the needs of today’s budget-minded consumer and continues to provide value at a fair and affordable price.

Today, ESB offers twelve models for any lifestyle and budget, five unique series and three different systems: bed, booth, standup. What sets ESB Tanning Systems apart from other tanning bed manufacturers has been the many innovations continually introduced to the tanning bed industry over the past 18 years. ESB was the first to create dual phosphor (blue and pink) face / arm lamps providing two different levels of power in the same lamp.

Every ESB model cost mere pennies per week to use. Unlike an ordinary non-reflector tanning lamp, averaging $400-500 to replace every 2-3 years, ESB lamps with a 1000-1200 hr life or 4-5,000 sessions could last one person easily up to 19 years of use three times per week.

"In today's economy, every consumer is looking for ways to get the most for their money. It is often said that bad news travels faster than good news. But we’ve noticed the opposite since tanners love to talk about good news and want to share their story. That’s why more people are buying ESB tanning beds and spreading the good news that ESB offers More Tanning Power for Less," says Tom Batchos, Vice President for ESB Tanning Systems.

ESB was the first manufacture to create these unique models and high performance features for home tanning: Tanning Booths, Tanning Stand ups, Bronzing Beds, Red Light Skin Care Therapy, Mirror-like Reflectors, Unique Cooling System, RT Electronic Ballast and much more.

"We are very proud to be considered the #1 choice for home tanning systems in North America. No other tanning manufacturer has consistently created this level of innovative tanning technology or provided such unparalleled power and performance," stated Tom Batchos.

About ESB Tanning Systems:
Known for having a wide selection of the best home tanning bed models and styles, ESB Tanning Systems has been making it easy for Americans to tan at home for 18 years. Their super energy efficient tanning systems use up to 40% less electricity and have a 15% longer lamp life while generating 20% less heat to make them the number one tanning bed manufacturer in the country.

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