Smokey's 420 offers Buy One, Get One 20% OFF ALL 1:1 CBD products during Coronavirus Outbreak

With limited resources and options at hand, many customers are having a hard time getting their hands to the commodities that they want and need.

Online PR News – 03-October-2020 – Fort Collins, Colorado – With 5.4 million people infected across the globe as of May 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has indeed imposed a worldwide health, safety, financial and economic concerns. Many countries are still taking strict precautionary lockdown measures to control the spread of the virus.

The severe impacts of the outbreak are continually being felt by large corporations, local businesses, education systems, public events, and ultimately, by the consumers.

With limited resources and options at hand, many customers are having a hard time getting their hands to the commodities that they want and need. That's why it is comforting to know that companies and entrepreneurs are offering promotions and finding ways to reach out to their customers amidst the 2019 N-Coronavirus pandemic.

Smokey's 420, a leading influencer among the Cannabis stores in Colorado, is one of the local businesses that have stepped up and redesigned their services to adapt to the unexpected halt caused by the outbreak.

They now have an exciting offer of a Buy One, Get One 20% discount on all their 1:1 CBD products. Stocking up your recreational or medical supplies will then be cheaper once you avail of this promotion.

Smokey's Cannabis Co., whose mission is to be the best in the cannabis industry while prioritizing the community, environment, and people, is a veteran in the responsible adult cannabis use in Northern Colorado with more than ten years of presence in the market. They stand in their vision that cannabis commerce plays a vital role in improving science, environmentalism, medical options, and responsible adult use.

With the community and their customers as their number one priority, Smokey's has immediately come up with operational protocols that comply with the government's decisions and orders regarding the prevention of COVID-19 spread. Apart from taking extra precautions by enhancing their cleaning and sanitizing practices, they are now accepting and processing orders via online channels or through phone calls. They also have protection measures in place for the consumers who will pick up their orders from their Garden City or Fort Collins store.

That's why getting your cannabis rations for your chronic pain or other medical conditions is safe and efficient with Smokey's 420 online checkout and curbside pickup. With just a few clicks and a quick drive without the need to get out of your vehicle, you can easily avail of their products with an extra kick of a cheaper option brought by their latest promotion.

As a cannabis dispensary in Colorado Springs who received several excellence and sustainability recognitions, Smokey's 420 has a genuine commitment to supporting the community and the environment. And as a consumer, you can also help out a little when you purchase their Stash Packs as Smokey's donate ten percent of Stash sales proceeds to various non-profit agencies.

They also support the betterment of our environment by exerting sustainability efforts in the cannabis industry. Their natural growing technique, the "Living Soil," enables healthier and cleaner plants without using chemicals or harmful materials.

You are assured that in these difficult times of a virus outbreak, Smokey's 420 will continue to do their very best to serve its community while adhering to the local and national authorities' guidelines for a secure and protected trade and commerce.