Teacher & Students Release New Hip Hop EP

Former Purdue Basketball Star and current Indianapolis, Pike high school teacher Rodney Smith is releasing positive Hip Hop, EP No Drag with former students.

Online PR News – 03-October-2020 – Indianapolis,IN – Nu Truth Media is proud to present nationally known Rapper JWhite The Kite, Hip Hop Soul Artist, Heavy Hooks, aka Rodney Smith, and Fenn, releasing an EP titled No Drag Friday November 20th, 2020. The six song EP will be the first project the trio has completed together. Ten percent of all sales will go towards the rites of passage program for boys and girls that Heavy Hooks created to reinforce positive cultural values and help with important life transitions.

Local high school teacher at Pike in Indianapolis, Rodney Smith, aka Heavy Hooks teamed up with two former Pike students JWhite The Kite and Fenn to produce one of the most positive and creative projects of the year. Heavy is a singer, songwriter and filmmaker that was introduced to JWhite in 2017 by Super Sport Rello, another Indianapolis artist, that at the time was one of Heavy’s students. After the introduction JWhite and Heavy remained in contract working on numerous songs together. The title No Drag comes from JWhite’s Father who told him he needs to be around people who lift him up and stay away from those who will drag him down. This message fueled JWhite’s passion to surround himself with such people so he hand-picked artists Heavy Hooks and Fenn for the project. Full of powerful messages about living a fulfilling life and pushing for social change, No Drag leaves listeners poised to live their lives to the fullest.

Producers Tha Dopey Hopi from Detroit Michigan, Louis Dunn out of Indianapolis, OTSOUTHMADE IT, and Zen Music out of California help bring out the collective's melodic vibe, highlighting each artist’s powerful voice and unforgettable lyrics. Basketball is one activity that links this trio, so it makes sense that all of these artists are from Indiana, all of them grew up playing the sport. The trio also attended Pike High School where both rapper/songwriter JWhite The Kite, and vocalist/rapper/songwriter Heavy Hooks played varsity basketball for the school. Heavy went on to play basketball for Purdue University, he tried out with the Indiana Pacers and then played in the ABA. The interesting part is Heavy graduated from Pike high school 20 years before JWhite The Kite and Fenn but they all found a way to collaborate on a cohesive energetic project. Very few debut albums (or groups) have been met with such a positive reception. But this project touches people on so many different levels.

No Drag’s Electronic Press Kit: https://spark.adobe.com/page/8yZi2GeMAZMeW/
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