Lapham Law offers Remote and Virtual Consultations Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus epidemic that has erupted and continues to spread all over the world has pushed many industries to be virtually available.

Online PR News – 03-October-2020 – Denver, Colorado – The coronavirus epidemic that has erupted and continues to spread all over the world has pushed many industries to be virtually available.

The demand for virtual services and transactions has been an immediate and intelligent response to the imposed travel, social interaction restrictions, and people's fear and hesitation in visiting public places due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

From buying groceries to getting health care services, people are now given the option to do it at the comforts of their home. But how about taking care of legal matters involved in car accidents, t-bone collisions, or pedestrian crashes? Are there any virtual services that you can also avail of?

You don't have to worry if ever you will experience any of these unfortunate events on the road during the Coronavirus outbreak as the best personal injury lawyers in Denver, Lapham Law Firm, is still open for transactions during the pandemic through remote and virtual consultations.

W. Joseph Lapham II, or Joe, a Denver-based Colorado trial lawyer, together with his team, is offering free consultations for seriously injured individuals who want to explore legal actions available to them. They accept and meet with their clients via phone, video conference, or email. You can talk or send an inquiry to them for any accident-related cases like personal injury, brain injury, car accident, semi-truck accident, drunk driving injury, neck and back injury, and even defective product cases. With the firm's excellent track record and extensive experience in the mentioned cases, you are assured that you only get the best legal services in the state. Joe is even a member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum. This elite Forum only accepts less than one percent of US lawyers who demonstrated extraordinary skill, technical experience, and distinction in advocacy by obtaining a trial decision, award, or compensation of two million dollars or more.

Being always careful on the road is not enough; there is still a chance of getting involved in a car accident. A car crash is unavoidable f you meet a reckless driver or a drunk driver while you are on your way home. Your car might also collide with an over speeding truck or a truck driven by an overtired driver.
If you are out biking for some sun and exercise, there is also a possibility of getting hit and injured by aggressive or distracted vehicle drivers. If this will happen to you and you need a bicycle accident lawyer in Denver CO who will help you deal with the legalities or fight insurance companies, then you should Lapham Law Firm a call.

Even when you are just walking and crossing the road, you are not entirely safe. Cars who fail to yield on sidewalks, crosswalks, or streets can cause severe accidents to the busy pedestrians throughout the city of Denver.

Suffering an injury from these kinds of accidents and many other road misfortunes will incur you not only expensive medical treatments but can also cost you your job, your physical and mental health. Getting just and appropriate compensations for the physical injuries and frightening and traumatic experience you endured is essential, especially during these trying times of the pandemic. That's why you should hire Lapham Law Firm, the best personal injury attorney in Denver.