Absolute Dispute Resolution announces their Family Law Mediations available in more GTA Locations

Mediation services to expand to other GTA locations keeping in line with the high demand for ADR services.

Online PR News – 02-October-2020 – Oakville, Ontario – Absolute Dispute Resolution is an alternative dispute resolution firm that specializes in family law mediation, in particular cases involving separation and divorce. With mediation, families engage in non-adversarial discussions, while the mediator helps to facilitate a resolution to the issues involved. With over 16 years of legal experience, Marian Grande, works hard with both parties to reach an agreement that works with all members of the family.

“Originally, we were only offering mediations in Oakville, Ontario, however we now realized the need for this service to be available to residents in more GTA locations because of the high demand of alternative dispute resolution processes.” , says Marian Grande, founder and mediator at Absolute Dispute Resolution.

It is evident that people are looking for a more cost-effective and quicker way to settle their disputes arising out of a separation or divorce. Mediation should be the first call people make. With over 75,000 cases annually waiting to be heard at the Court level, mediation makes total sense when issues can be resolved as quickly as three months, and with people saving up to 75% in legal fees.

Mediators are a neutral third party in the negotiation process. They are not there to make any decisions on behalf of the parties. It only makes sense for the parties involved in a family law dispute to make their own decisions, since they know their family best.

“I strongly believe in the entire concept of mediation. It has helped so many people.” says Grande.

If you or someone you know is going through a divorce or separation, contact Absolute Dispute Resolution at http://www.absolutedisputeresolution.ca or info@absolutedisputeresolution.ca