Insignia Platinum Collection of Steam Showers at JT Spas Now Offered With Greater Discounts

The regular shower enclosure has now been replaced by the steam shower enclosure, and for good reason.

Online PR News – 02-October-2020 – Larne – Pre-built and modular steam shower enclosures have become the epitome of comfort and style in the modern bathroom, and another reason for their popularity is their increased affordability. Suppliers like JT Spas have proven this for years, and JT Spas proves it once again with its new collection of Insignia Platinum steam showers at much lower prices. ]

Modern bathrooms can be quite beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, and a lot more homeowners are paying attention to how they outfit their bathrooms – which includes being more selective on the bathroom fixtures and furnishings they choose. This includes major elements such as shower enclosures, and this is why a lot of customers are now opting for steam showers rather than regular shower enclosures for their shower enclosure needs.

There are now a lot more choices when it comes to pre-built and modular steam shower cabins complete with enclosures, and this is evident at JT Spas, which has been specializing in steam showers for years. In fact, JT Spas can proudly say that its collection of steam showers is the most extensive in the UK, especially with the release of even better products such as the Insignia Platinum collection of steam showers – which now come with more affordable prices as well.

The Insignia Platinum collection of steam shower enclosures is in a class of its own, and it offers the best of the steam shower experience for any user. At JT Spas, customers can now get premium discounts on Insignia Platinum steam shower cabins. One particularly popular buy is the Insignia Platinum quadrant steam shower cabin measuring 900mm by 900mm, which now comes with a discounted price of £1285, bringing it down from £1599. The steam shower enclosure has a truly modern design combined with features such as six adjustable body jets, a touch control panel, an AMI essential oil infusion system, seven internal colours, an ozone disinfectant system, and a ceiling-mounted drencher head, amongst others. It also has built-in seating for complete comfort. For the best and most pertinent details on the beautiful and affordable steam shower collection at JT Spas, be sure to visit the company website.

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