Website migrations - the pitfalls and challenges that cause SEO catastrophes and how to avoid them

The team at POLARIS, a leading SEO agency in London, have put together a guide which contains useful tips and advice on how to plan a successful web migration.

Online PR News – 30-September-2020 – London – Embarking on a website migration is often a daunting task with many different elements and challenges to consider. From a marketing point of view, one of the biggest concerns is the effect that this can have on SEO, especially when a lot of work will have gone into developing and maintaining this.

The team at POLARIS, a leading SEO agency in London, have put together a guide which contains useful tips and advice which will help you retain all of your hard earned SEO work and let you worry about other aspects of the migration.

Depending on the structure of your business and marketing function, there can be any number of people involved in the process of a website migration but the main stakeholders during a project will usually be the person within the organisation responsible for the website and a web developer. Typically, a web developer will guide a website migration from a development point of view, and depending on their remit, they may or may not cover additional aspects of a website migration (such as tracking, error reporting, and performance reporting) process to ensure a fully successful migration. Risks associated with such a project include the following;

Site downtime
Loss of traffic
Loss of user experience
Loss of enquiries/leads/sales

The biggest threat to your project is poor communication and not having clearly identified remits that cover all critical areas such as SEO. The main way to avoid these problems is by having a clear set of responsibilities for each person involved in the project, and well managed communication, is critical in ensuring the success of your migration.

Keith Hodges, Head of SEO at POLARIS adds, “We understand that digital marketers have worked hard on their website’s SEO rankings and that during a website migration one of their main concerns is that they could lose all of this hard work. The team here at POLARIS have created a Website Migration Guide which can help businesses successfully navigate a migration without losing any vital work which has gone into creating your online presence.”

The team at POLARIS have produced a free Website Migration Guide for Business which can be downloaded from the website. Hit the following link for more information on POLARIS’S services as a website migration agency too

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