Phoenix Launch Systems announces MOA with Alaska Aerospace Corp for future launchess from Kodiak

Phoenix Launch Systems signs MOA with Alaska Aerospace Corp as a step toward future launches from the Pacific Spaceport Complex Alaska on Kodiak Is., Alaska,

Online PR News – 30-September-2020 – Las Vegas, NV – Phoenix Launch Systems, Inc. (Phoenix) is pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement with Alaska Aerospace Corporation (AAC) as a first step toward future commercial launch operations from the Pacific Spaceport Complex Alaska (PSCA) on Kodiak Island, Alaska, USA operated by AAC. This agreement is an important component of our long-term strategy to operate from multiple spaceports in order to serve a diverse market and broad spectrum of mission requirements.

Under the terms of the Agreement, AAC and Phoenix will negotiate and execute a Spaceport User Agreement contract to enable mission planning activities and launch campaigns. Mission planning activities will involve exchanging a series of Spaceport User documents to define Phoenix’s requirements and ensure proper integration between Phoenix launch operations and PSCA spaceport functions.

"We are excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with Alaska Aerospace Corporation," explained Matthew Travis, Phoenix CEO. "The spaceport on Kodiak Island is an ideal location for high-inclination launches, offering streamlined operations and cost-effective processes that small launch providers need in order to be competitive. The Pacific Spaceport Complex Alaska is a pre-eminent Pacific Rim commercial spaceport serving the small spacecraft launch industry. We look forward to our future work together and delivering our customer payloads to orbit from Kodiak."

Located in Las Vegas, NV with staff based across the United States, Phoenix is developing an innovative low-cost, "green" launch system to serve the commercial and government nanosatellite space launch market. The system features unique technologies combined with drastically simplified design and operations to provide customers with guaranteed access to orbit and unmatched cost-effectiveness.

The Phoenix launch vehicle is a partially reusable, mobile nanosatellite launch system designed to address the growing need for space launch on extremely short notice, including multiple rapid launch capability. Phoenix utilizes a unique propellant that is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, safe to handle and indefinitely storable. After launch, the first stage is designed to return to Earth and land either at the launch site or a downrange facility. For high-energy missions, the vehicle may also fly in a completely expendable mode, utilizing 100% performance to meet the mission objectives. After landing, the first stage may be mated with a new payload, checked out and readied for relaunch within days. Designed for responsive launch, we are able to rapidly deploy and conduct launch operations using self-contained infrastructure and minimal crew.

Currently, the first orbital launch for Phoenix is targeted for 2023, with launch operations from both the East and West coasts of the continental United States.

Phoenix Launch Systems, Inc. is a space transportation company on a mission to operate a dedicated nanosatellite launch service that allows for both on-demand and regularly scheduled orbital access with unprecedented mission flexibility and price. Phoenix’s technologies enable a complete end-to-end solution for low-cost space access without depending on unrealistic technologies or concepts.

At Phoenix, simplicity is what drives down cost and drives up reliability. The launch system is the first in the industry utilizing our proprietary non-toxic and environmentally-friendly propulsion system in an operational launch vehicle. This enables very low system cost, minimal infrastructure requirements and drastically reduced launch costs. Additionally, we offer commercial avionics and autonomous flight safety systems as well as cubesat component hardware as part of the objective to offer end-to-end cubesat launch services and support to customers across industries.

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Up in Alaska, we take on challenges with innovation, grit, and resourcefulness. The same holds true to accessing space. Since 1991, Alaska Aerospace Corporation has been re-defining how America and the world launches to space. Responsive, flexible, low-cost, and digitally-connected is why government and commercial customers seek out Alaska Aerospace as their trusted launch partner. Alaskans are revolutionizing space launch to meet national security, commercial, scientific, and recreational space needs. Operating one of the world’s most beautiful spaceports, the Pacific Spaceport Complex (PSCA) on Kodiak Island provides year-round orbital access to space. As one of only four orbital vertical launch sites in the United States, PSCA plays a key role in providing resiliency for US access to space. PSCA also enjoys the largest launch azimuth range of any spaceport in the US and can access high-inclination, polar, and sun-synchronous orbits between 59° and 110° inclinations.

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