PixelPlex Introduced Blockchain For Documents: Blockcerts Is Here To Manage Digital Records

A software development company PixelPlex designed a product called Blockcerts. It is based on blockchain and verifies digital documents.

Online PR News – 29-September-2020 – New York, NY – A company with the main focus on blockchain technology PixelPlex reported on the development of Blockcerts. This platform provides a transparent and immutable record of digital documents, including its creation, issuance, viewing, and audit. The whole process is carried out in the Ethereum smart contract ecosystem.

Challenges and goals

The company staff mentioned that prior to building the blockchain document verification system, they analyzed the main challenges businesses often encounter. One of them is the difficulties to trust someone’s credentials straightaway. This issue often leads to costly inefficiencies as whenever you need to prove or obtain important information, you have to pay other organizations to access your own documents. Middlemen may also stay on the way, which lengthens the processes and burdens the budget.
PixelPlex team shared that developing Blockcerts, they aimed to build a practical certification infrastructure platform that would make it easier to issue, share, and obtain official credentials. In addition to this, they set a goal to reduce the number of separate databases and operating costs.
The company strived to provide enhanced safety and security of digital records. As a result, PixelPlex created a blockchain-based decentralized ledger with the use of strong cryptography and identity protection. The smart contracts suite was also implemented in the system. It automates and tracks every operation, and this way secures the most critical assets and transactions. More details about the project can be found here: https://pixelplex.io/work/blockchain-based-digital-document-verification-system/.

How does Blockcerts operate in a nutshell?

When a transaction takes place and all the participants agree on the details, the information is encoded into a block of digital data. That block is linked to nearby blocks chronologically, forming an irreversible, unaltered chain. All documents, contracts, and messages get encrypted and hashed on the blockchain automatically. Trust among members within the ecosystem is ensured by multi-step authentication.
PixelPlex developers added that they created a custom contract-based tool for access restriction, implemented two-way ETH to BCERTS token converter, and a mechanism for transaction fee payments in tokens. Blockcerts also contains a custom JavaScript library that connects web applications to the blockchain.
Using blockchain to verify documents is a popular and important area of work for IT companies and, at the same time, a request from enterprises. The Blockcerts are intended for the future development of UI applications by third-party developers and will be used in various areas of business.

About: PixelPlex is a custom software development company founded in 2007. The firm has broad expertise in blockchain technology solutions, AI, VR/AR, IoT, cybersecurity, web, and mobile development.

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