Gas Natural Recovery to construct floating platforms in Tampico-Misantla Basin

Gas Natural Recovery today announced that the company will start the process for two new floating production platforms for the Tampico-Misantla Basin project.

Online PR News – 29-September-2020 – DISTRITO FEDERAL/MEXICO CITY – Gas Natural Recovery’s vision is development plan, which envisages a total of 8 floating platforms to be constructed by July 2021.

Gas Natural Recovery’s Tampico-Misantla Basin project, once completed, is expected to produce more than 1.2 million barrels of oil per day and aims to be one of Gas Natural Recovery’s largest production assets in the future.

Gas Natural Recovery’s Chief Operating Officer commented on the floating platforms construction saying “The Tampico-Misantla Basin project is a complex project. The construction of the floating platforms is a challenge but once the project is completed next year, this basin will account for over 22% of Gas Natural Recovery's total production, so it is imperative that we do things properly.”

Gas Natural Recovery’s Chief Operating Officer also added “We expect the floating platforms to be fully operational by November 2020 at the latest. We have taken into the account the environmental protocols and all rules will be implemented. We will have a system in place for treatment and reinjection of the water and engineered a filtration system to reduce pollutant gas emissions, with emphasis on the closed flare which allows the reuse of the gas produced at the plant, without burning.”

About Us - Gas Natural Recovery

Gas Natural Recovery is a leading innovator in the Oil & Gas industry maximizing the energy output from exploration and production of hydrocarbons in the Americas. Gas Natural Recovery specializes in developing, testing and producing solutions which capture previously wasted energy through gas capture, conversion and flare systems which can be deployed throughout the Oil & Gas industry.

Gas Natural Recovery’s BioFlares and our NatGas Flares systems are at the leading edge of technological innovation within the Oil & Gas industry. Our integrated energy recovery systems have the ability to revolutionize the industry, redefining the traditional approach to managing gas which results from exploration for oil and through biological release.

Gas Natural Recovery applies a different approach to managing natural gas within the Oil & Gas industry. Unlike many in the industry, we do not believe that traditional burn-off flares are effective in today’s carbon conscious world. The traditional approach has been to burn the gas as an inconvenient by-product of Oil production, which increases wastage and carbon emissions, and in turn reduces the operating margins of many projects. At Gas Natural Recovery, we do not believe that this approach is an acceptable ethical business practice for most Oil & Gas companies in the 21st Century.

At Gas Natural Recovery, we harness the energy reserves contained within gas which is usually burned as wastage. Gas Natural Recovery’s flare systems are designed to work in harmony with our customers’ existing operations, with the capacity to increase production, optimize operations and drastically reduce carbon emissions.