MOFAS publishes its first stable release in Chrome Web Store

MOFAS introduces its first public stable release of its Chrome extension.

Online PR News – 29-September-2020 – New York, NY – MOFAS, a brand new decentralized framework that helps people plan, coordinate and manage online group shopping tasks, introduces its first public stable release of its browser extension for the Chrome OS. Versioned as v1.2, this public release is now downloadable in the Chrome Web Store, free of charge.

MOFAS, a new attempt at solving the ancient problem of coordinating and facilitating group behavior, with a special focus on online shopping, is designed to be conveniently ready to work on any website and requires no other additional setup. Users go to the shopping websites as usual and simply launch the extension to initiate and manage their MOFAS experience right where their shopping activities take place.

“MOFAS not just a product. It is actually a new concept that we hope can inject something different and interesting into today’s e-commerce space, which is predominantly PaaS, platform as a service, oriented,” said Robyn Zhou, founder of MOFAS.

The main advantages of using MOFAS are to save the users money and time, by making it easier to bundle separate orders, or as called by MOFAS, “cartpool”, into single larger orders, so as to meet minimums for free shipping and other deals provided by merchants. Although considered a widely-adopted common life hack, MOFAS takes a step further and modernizes such conventional wisdom through a suite of tools, powered by technologies, such as big data and computer algorithms.

“We are constantly trying to make MOFAS smarter so that it can be more helpful to our users,” explained Robyn when asked about what is going on behind the curtain, “the database is growing and our algorithms for different sites are getting better and more precise as we speak. We put our users first. The priority has always been to make the experience intuitive and fun. It’s not an extra effort. It’s just easy, interesting and useful, hopefully, to everyone.”

Besides bundling orders, another use case of MOFAS is to help people shop for others. Users can put their items into a shared group cart and have others do a check out altogether. Robyn spoke passionately about it, “this is a difficult a time. We are all in this together, no matter what people say or think. Personally, I volunteered to shop for my elderly neighbors when it was too dangerous for them to go outside. Let’s be honest. It’s not easy to understand what others want. That’s why I think MOFAS can really help here. It makes it possible to get people’s feedback directly.”

“There’s also a reason why we want the users to consider using MOFAS when they do online shopping,” said Robyn, “it is the environmental aspect. By bundling orders into one, we are cutting back on packaging, waste, gas emission and energy consumption. In this special time, we might also be saving lots of frontline workers’ lives.”

MOFAS is currently running on Chrome OS and will be later converted to work on Firefox and Safari browsers. A mobile app is under review for imminent public release as well.

Created and managed by New York-based consulting firm, Being & Time, LLC, MOFAS is a new cross-platform online shopping facilitating framework that aims to assist users in group shopping tasks. The ever-growing list of services provided by MOFAS includes shared cloud shopping cart, web page data analyze and extraction, group bill management, in-group communication, etc. For more information, please visit

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