This New Indian Start-up Protects you Against Car Repair & Servicing Frauds

A new start-up called helps car owners protect against car repair and service frauds in India.

Online PR News – 29-September-2020 – Pune, Maharashtra – A new start-up called helps car owners protect against car repair and service frauds in India. When your car service center or your mechanic cheats in any way while servicing or repairing your car, it is called a car repair fraud. They can potentially cheat customers in many ways. Some of the examples are replacing car parts that do not need replacement at all, charging extra labor costs for activities that are related and should not be charged twice, doing unnecessary work in the car to escalate the bill amount, selling value-added service which the customers do not require, intentional misrepresentation of repairs, and confusing the customers with technical details. Most car owners in India fall for such cheating because they neither have the required technical knowledge about car nor the time to devote to this problem. Car owners trust the mechanics or the service center and expect them to be honest. has launched an online service to protect car owners from repair frauds. They help car owners identify and avoid unnecessary car repair work and value-added service. They identify the necessary work in the car and eliminate the un-necessary work/parts change that has been suggested by the service advisor. ServiceSupervisors consults you and also negotiates with the service center on your behalf to reduce your final bill. Their expert consultants share their qualified opinion with car owners and with the service advisors. With this opinion of the ServiceSupervisors, car owners are much better empowered to decide on what work is required in the car and to identify the over-quoted and unnecessary work that was suggested earlier in the car. This way car owners save money and time with ServiceSupervisors.

ServiceSupervisors is a team of highly experienced and technically trained automobile experts with more than 20+ years of automobile maintenance experience. Their team includes experts for almost all the car models available in India including premium and luxurious car models. They cater to car customers across India and consults them online only. The start-up is based in Pune city. It also offers a free trial of its service to all customers. is working to bring trust, transparency, and honesty in the automobile maintenance industry in India. By acting as 3rd party auditors for car repair and services, they help car owners get peace of mind.