Universities Waste 500,000 Dissertations? Ocular Point Launch: New Publishing Platform for Students

The Launch of Ocular Point: an open and free platform for university students and young adults to publish their academic or creative work in bite-sized form.

Online PR News – 26-September-2020 – London, United Kingdom – Ocular Point is an open and free platform for university students and young adults to publish their academic or creative work in bite-sized form. It provides readers with condensed and simplified versions of academic content/research from a variety of disciplines, whilst simultaneously giving students an outlet for their work.

Over 500,000 dissertations are wasted each year in the UK alone, after being read by an average of only 6 people. Students spend the greater half of their final year investing time and effort into these - only for them to never be seen again. Additionally, in this digital climate, growing and maintaining a professional online voice is more important than ever. Ocular Point provides a platform for students to display their academic work in a way that can be understood by a larger audience. Academia is about the collaboration and sharing of knowledge, and with half a million projects being buried each year, there is a huge amount of information going to waste.

Ocular Point was founded by Billy Karidis, an engineering student from the University of Southampton, UK. It was created by students, for students and the idea came about upon the realisation that the majority of students spend most of their final years at university working hard towards their dissertations or projects. These pieces of work impose a huge amount of stress on students, with little to no recognition for their efforts. Furthermore, these projects often form the basis of many professional conversations they will have in their early careers. During job applications, employers will not read a 10,000 word essay - so having a condensed version of the work can prove extremely useful in sharing it with the recruiters.

The Ocular Point community is rapidly growing and here is what some users have to say:

“If you have a dissertation or piece of work you’re especially proud of, but unsure of what to do with, this is the platform for you… This platform is also brilliant if you’d just like to learn.”
@c.roelferreira on instagram.

“Interesting articles from fashion and music to artificial intelligence (AI). You’ll 100% learn something you didn’t know.”
@danielregerson on instagram.

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