REM International provides update on Pacific Phosphorite resource deposit

REM International today provided an update on phosphorite deposits in the Pacific Ocean after a preliminary assessment of an estimated 237 million ore tons.

Online PR News – 25-September-2020 – YOKOHAMA – REM International’s extensive preliminary evaluation of the mineral deposit does not yet include an evaluation of the entire deposit, but only data compiled from the 102 drill holes which have already been tested and analyzed.

REM International will conduct tests on the areas where testing has not yet been done which are the areas below the core depth core mineralization.

REM International’s Exploration Manager, Mr. Satoshi Tanaka commented on the Pacific phosphorite resource saying “When the additional testing is carried out, we expect to see an increase in the measured and indicated phosphorite resources in the deposit, and updates will be provided in due course when the testing is completed.”

“So far, over 320 total core samples have been and we apply a meticulous metallurgical testing of the core samples at approximately one meter intervals to indicate the potential phosphate rock using the wet process methods. We have also conducted an extensive environmental impact report and it includes extensive analysis, tests, reports and models from outside experts and environmental scientists on the mineral deposit, which is located in waters 80-95 meters deep,” added Satoshi Tanaka, Exploration Manager of REM International.

About Us - REM International

REM International is a mineral exploration and production company with a commitment to discover, develop and produce from Rare Earth Mineral sites throughout the Pacific Ocean. REM International has a focus on innovative, state of the art technology in its exploration, analysis and mining of mineral sites, utilizing the latest advances in undersea robotics.

REM International has mining interests in both the Okinawa trough which lies to the northwest of Okinawa Island and off of the Izu Islands south of Tokyo bay. REM International geologists were also recently a part of an exploration of over 78 sites across the Pacific Ocean which concluded that more than 100 billion tons of rare earth minerals reside in the soft mud of the Pacific floor.

Japan consumes approximately 30,000 tons of rare earth metals each year and the Japanese Natural Resources and Energy Agency has, over the last few years, placed a focus on increasing Japan’s production of rare earth metals, offering development grants and exploration concessions in both the Okinawa Trough and around the Izu Islands. Both areas are highly active volcanic regions with rare earth producing hydrothermal vent systems.