New York Commercial HVAC Company Lists Signs Of A Bad AC Compressor

Cool Works Co, a New York commercial HVAC company, recently released a new article that lists the signs of a bad AC compressor.

Online PR News – 24-September-2020 – Manhattan, New York – Cool Works Co, a New York commercial HVAC company, recently released a new educational resource that focuses on explaining the signs of a bad AC compressor. The new article can be found on the company's website. The article was designed by the AC and heating experts at Cool Works who have dealt with bad AC compressors and understand what can happen if they are not attended to. They hope this article will clear up some misconceptions and highlight the importance of this service to building owners and managers.

Cool Works Co offers some very valuable information that can help building owners understand not only what AC compressors do, but what signs to watch out for to know that they may be going bad. In the article, they explain why you should watch out for rattling and ticking noises, how to watch out for reduced airflow, and why it is bad if you are only getting hot air coming out. They also explain how if this problem is ignored, it can lead to both a consistently high electric bill as well as a more expensive repair job. The team at Cool Works takes pride in giving clients the highest level of service and always applying a great work ethic to each job they work on.

While this new article focuses on the signs that a bad AC compressor can show, Cool Work's website also offers visitors information regarding their mission, experience, as well as a full list of HVAC services they offer. Cool Works offers commercial and residential maintenance and repair services that include air conditioning, heating, humidification, ventilation, air filtration, thermostats, and more. Cool Works' mission has always been to provide the ultimate in total comfort systems for any home or business. They continue to expand their fleet of professionally trained technicians in response to the needs of their growing community of satisfied clients!

With the addition of this new article, Cool Works hopes that building owners and managers will get a better understanding of how the AC system works and the role that a compressor plays, as well as why ensuring they are working properly is vitally important. For more information, contact the HVAC pros at CoolWorksCo today at 212-518-6439 or visit their website at