Comtrade Financial of Tokyo to host Global Energy Summit in November

Comtrade Financial is pleased to announce that it will host its Global Energy Summit at the firm's Global Head Office in Tokyo on Monday 23rd November 2020.

Online PR News – 23-September-2020 – CHIYODA-KU/TOKYO – Comtrade Financial’s Global Energy Summit will discuss in great detail the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic to global companies and the energy sector, addressing all asset classes from commodities to wind to solar energy.

Comtrade Financial’s Executive Vice President commented on the upcoming Global Energy Summit saying “Everything we do uses power and energy is a critical part in everyday life for everybody in devices we use, cars we drive and the tools we use, and this is why it is such a sought after commodity.”

Comtrade Financial’s Executive Vice President also added “Global oil prices are at the lowest it has been for quite a few years, and the volatile stock markets and global economies are very unstable, so there will be a lot to discuss, which is precisely the reason we have organised this Summit.”

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