NanoMediTech to develop COVID-19 antibody testing with 98 percent accuracy rate

NanoMediTech of Seoul announced today that it will be developing antibody testing for the COVID-19 outbreak delivering accurate results in quick time.

Online PR News – 23-September-2020 – DONGJAK-GU/SEOUL – NanoMediTech have been researching new antibody blood testing for both antibody and diagnostic testing and will work by collecting a patient's sample, and after the test is performed the results will be available through a patient or physician portal, or through an app within 48 hours.

NanoMediTech Chief Science Officer, Mr. Laurent Brunet commented on the antibody testing saying "We understand how important this pandemic is, so we have invested a lot of time and money in a system that will provide a very quick notification so that patients can have a diagnosis in the earliest time possible.”

“How the system will work, which is what we are in the final stages, is that as soon as the test is taken, the laboratory will read the results once the sample is received. The technology and the diagnostics come in to play and it can deliver the results within 48 hours at a rate of 98% accuracy," explained Laurent Brunet, Chief Science Officer of NanoMediTech.

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Based in Seoul, Republic of Korea, NanoMediTech is a research and development company developing nanotechnology based biomedical applications. The company is leveraging its proprietary nanotechnologies to develop radically improved medical tools and solutions for the treatment of debilitating diseases and improvement of medical practices.

Nanotechnology is a burgeoning industry with practically limitless applications on our lives and with the potential to revolutionize the manner in which we detect and treat diseases and damage to the human body.