Intec America Offers High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis Systems for Safer and Healthier Drinking Water

Intec America is offering whole house and under sink reverse osmosis systems.

Online PR News – 23-September-2020 – Franklinton – Intec America, a leading water treatment specialist in the US, is now offering highly efficient under sink and whole house reverse osmosis systems. Being at the forefront of the water technology for several years, the company understands the rising demand for efficient water treatment technologies like reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis water treatment systems provided by the company are designed to meet the increasing potable water requirements of home owners.

Steve McCune, the President of Intec America, says, “ We are extremely excited to introduce our new product offering of whole house and under sink reverse osmosis systems, which are at least 40% more efficient than competing systems on the market. Engineered to utilize the latest in membrane advances, these more efficient reverse osmosis systems are slowly competing with other popular systems in our inventory.” The reverse osmosis technology has gained immense popularity in recent years owing to the high efficacy and efficiency of contaminant removal that it assures. This technology works opposite to osmosis where the solvent passes through a membrane from the region of low solute concentration to high solute concentration. In reverse osmosis, the solvent passes through the region of high solute concentration to low solute concentration. This water passage is initiated at a certain pressure. Reverse osmosis is efficient in removing dissolved minerals and salts such as calcium, magnesium, chlorides, and sodium at the ionic level.

Intec-America’s whole house reverse osmosis systems are the point-of-entry systems that provide the best quality water to every faucet in your home. These systems are equipped with a semipermeable membrane that removes contaminant molecules and ions. The water is forced through the membrane, which rejects larger molecules, thereby providing you high quality water. These systems feature a booster pump, which helps force water through the membrane. Whole home reverse osmosis systems are typically equipped with membranes sizes of 2.5” x 40” or 4" x 40” and typically produce anywhere from 600 to 1400 GPD. Whole house RO systems provided by Intec-America may be customized for any application and volume requirements. Intec will consult with the end user if pretreatment of the source water is required. Remineralization and repressurization systems are also available.

Intec America offers a wide range of options when it comes to under sink reverse osmosis water filter systems. These point of entry (PoE) systems are installed inside a basement or a cabinet and provide filtered water for a single faucet in your home. The company’s under sink RO system are easy to install, maintain and use. All systems provide high quality purified water with remineralization and zero waste options available. Under sink reverse osmosis water systems utilize the incoming water pressure for filtration. These filtration systems usually have 3, 4, and 5 stage options. Efficient toxin removal, improved taste of water, efficient purification, reliability, and cost savings are a few advantages that make under sink water reverse osmosis water filter systems popular over bottled water. These systems can also provide clean water for ice makers or refrigerators.
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About Intec America
Intec America is and early pioneer of copper ionization water treatment technology in the US. Since 1973, the company has helped its clients realize the concept of chlorine-free pools and spa using copper ionization. This technology was earlier used for purifying water for use during space exploration. Today, it is widely used for pool treatment and spa applications. Over the years, the company has expanded its product line by providing equipment for water treatment technologies like ozonation, water softening, tanning removal and UV light. Now, it provides reverse osmosis water filter systems from industry leading brands like Nelsen and Watts.

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