New book for leaders, looking to take their organizations on an Agile Transformation journey

‘The Five Tantras of Enterprise Agility’, the new book from PM Power Consulting is distilled from the career-long learnings of PM Power coaches

Online PR News – 23-September-2020 – Bangalore, India – Helping leaders, managers and change agents (coaches and consultants) to embark on and sustain their Agile Transformation journey is the subject of the newly launched book by transformational consulting and coaching firm PM Power Consulting. Project / Program Managers, Scrum Masters and team members who are keen to play an influential role in the organizational agile transformation process will also be able to benefit from this book titled ‘The Five Tantras of Enterprise Agility’.

PM Power Consulting has over 20 experts with a cumulative 400 years’ experience who have coached and consulted with various types of organisations on their Agile Transformation journey. The inputs of all these experts have been taken to arrive at the insights presented in the new book.

As Prof. S. Sadagopan, Director, IIIT-B says “The style is conversational, the skill of the author to tell a compelling story is remarkable and deep subject matter conveyed in a light-load form factor remarkably well! With Agile getting mainstream and software entering every aspect of human endeavour, this book will be a must-read for managers & consultants across the spectrum of industries - much beyond the software services industry! It is very contextual too! Starts before Covid-19, gets ready through the difficult period, and will see the light of the day on a day when hopefully Covid-19 would have become history!”

The book is peppered with several fables from Panchatantra, Aesop and from the author’s own fertile imagination to illustrate the five Enterprise Agile Transformation Values: Focus on Customer Outcomes, Transformational Leadership, Self-Organizing Teams, Experimentation & Learning and Lean Thinking.

“Becoming Agile and sustaining it is difficult, yet deeply rewarding. With its focus on users and business value, Agile thinking has lived up to its promise of being the most adaptive development approach in a turbulent and ever-changing world. The new book is a compendium of what needs to be done and what should be avoided on the journey to becoming Agile; and after having reached there, staying Agile. The real focus is on being and staying Agile” says Paramu Kurumathur, Author and Principal Consultant, PM Power Consulting.

PM Power Consulting has helped around 70 organizations till date to achieve Agility in design and delivery of software and services. It boasts of a spectacular 10,000 Project/Delivery Managers coached by 14 experts with a cumulative 400 years of experience. To get your copy of the book visit

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