Kashef Qaadri Releases Comprehensive Platform for Dublin City Council

Proven Community Leader Shares Comprehensive Platform to Drive Positive Impact to Local Dublin Community for Voters to Consider

Online PR News – 23-September-2020 – Dublin, CA – Local resident, community leader, and candidate for Dublin City Council, Kashef Qaadri, released a comprehensive plan in advance of general elections on November 3, 2020.

As a resident of Dublin with his wife and son, Kashef has spent a significant amount of time safely meeting with local residents and business leaders to understand their concerns and discuss new ideas on improving our community.

Based on these conversations, he has released a comprehensive platform on his website kashef4dublin.com for voters to consider that focuses on his three key priorities: 1) Safety and preparedness; 2) Resilience and well-being and 3) Economic and environmental sustainability.

This plan outlines the issues and concerns shared by many residents along with potential solutions. This plan includes:
- On safety and preparedness: Kashef will develop the institution of public community oversight, creating much needed checks and balances. Regarding traffic, the plan ensures access to safe, affordable, accessible, and sustainable transport systems for everyone, and improving our road safety, which will be accomplished by expanding public transport.
- On resilience and well-being: Kashef outlines the need to assess, resource, and adapt to disasters; implementing a holistic disaster management framework at all levels. Additionally, the city must prepare, prevent, respond to and recover from the pandemic by supporting local businesses and community driven solutions, provide scientific, evidence-based solutions and knowledge for informed decisions, and mitigate economic impact and initiate recovery.
- On economic and environmental sustainability: In order to create a more sustainable Dublin, creating business opportunities, safe and affordable housing, and building a resilient community and economy must be accomplished. The plan outlines the need to invest in public transport, create public green spaces, and improve urban planning and management in inclusive ways, while ensuring we preserve the natural habitat and green spaces already present in Dublin.

Kashef will leverage his vast and deep business experience to drive stronger fiscal responsibility, safely reopen Dublin, collaborate with neighboring cities/towns, and employ smart solutions, all working towards his goal to boost livelihoods.

“There are key and specific differentiators in my platform, which uniquely qualify me for the opportunity to serve you on the Council.” Kashef said. “A key difference is a call for increased transparency and accountability! And this starts with me, your next council member. This plan is one step towards driving increased transparency and engagement with the community!”