CITC USA Green Division Expands Its Global Reach With Ecosolv And MaxR100

CiTC USA, leading global logistics and multi-industry distributor, proudly announces the global expansion of its Green Division.

Online PR News – 21-September-2020 – Dubai, UAE – CiTC USA, leading global logistics and multi-industry distributor of over 1000 products from oil and gas, agriculture, to military supplies, proudly announces the global expansion of its Green Division. Front lining its expansion is the promotion of Ecosolv and MaxR100. Both products have been widely known to provide environmentally friendly benefits while improving agriculture and energy consumption, respectively.

When asked about CiTC USA’s Green Division, Edward Sobczewski proudly explains that for over 30 years in the market, the Green Divison is part of the company’s efforts to give back and contribute to the environment.

CiTC USA aims to provide eco-friendly solutions through sustainable means, especially in food production, and in reducing energy consumption.

“ We see a future where agriculture and food production can be improved through sustainable ways. We have developed EcoSolv and EcoAgra as a way to provide farmers with adequate means of yielding better quality crops in higher volumes. “

Not only does EcoSolv and EcoAgra help produce quality produce, but it also reduces water consumption by 25% - further cementing the product as a better alternative to commercial pesticides, enhancers, and fertilizers.

On the other hand, MaxR100 is created to offer a solution to energy consumption- particularly with HVAC systems. CiTC USA saw the need to help reduce electricity bills within buildings and establishments through optimizing their HVAC systems.

Sobczewski explains that the HVAC systems contribute 40% on average in a building’s total energy consumption. CiTC USA believes that by improving HVAC systems’ efficiency through MaxR100, a company can save up to 10% on energy consumption or 20% off the total electricity bill.

“MaxR100 is guaranteed to help businesses save a minimum of 10% of energy costs and reduce carbon emissions of up to 30%. Not only is it cost-effective, but it's also environmentally friendly and safe to use. “

Meanwhile, CiTC USA looks to expand in Europe, America, and other parts of the world- hoping that their Green Division can help create a big difference in the environment and the quality of life.