Milwaukee Startup Launches Brand; Jali Fruit Co

Agricycle Global has launched Jali Fruit Co, a brand featuring naturally sun-dried pineapple, mango and jackfruit grown by women farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Online PR News – 19-September-2020 – Milwaukee, WI – Agricycle Global, a Milwaukee-based social enterprise, has launched its Jali Fruit Co. brand featuring naturally sun-dried pineapple, mango and jackfruit grown by women farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa. With its new brand, Agricycle Global is empowering over 11,000 rural farmers with livelihoods and eliminating food waste.

The fruit from Jali Fruit Co. is wild-harvested from ancestral trees and naturally dried without any preservatives or added sugars and are naturally full of vitamins and antioxidants. Jali Fruit Co. uses a natural and sustainable passive solar drying process that retains more nutrients, which means additives are not necessary to keep them fresh and healthy.

Jali Fruit Co. brand was founded by two Milwaukee college students to address the issue of food waste around the world. Each year, 2.8 trillion pounds of food goes to waste and only a small percentage of fruit grown ever reaches a market. When a mango is eventually sold in Northern Uganda it goes for as little as half of a penny.

Agricycle Global is addressing the problem through their brand launch of the Jali Fruit Co., transforming waste into opportunity. Claire Friona, the company’s Lead Engineer and Co-Founder, designed a passive solar dehydrator, manufactured in Elkhorn, WI, that works without any electricity. By using this simple technology, smallholder farmers are able to dry their abundant fruit and create shelf-stable snacks.

As a Wisconsin Benefit Corporation, the Jali Fruit Co’s. mission means putting the women behind the fruit front and center. Each woman in a Jali Fruit Co. cooperative is paid seven times the average daily wage and empowered with on-the-job skills training like food safety and financial literacy. Jali Fruit Co. cooperatives then work together to access good education and quality healthcare.

Josh Shefner, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Agricycle Global, said: “We never thought that dried fruits would be our calling. Back when this was a school project, we had the mission of helping just one community. Now, we’re an everyday part of so many women’s lives. Our mission got us to where we are today and I'm so happy to literally share the fruits of so many women's labor with the rest of the world and create a better tomorrow."

Transparency is a pillar of the Jali Fruit Co.’s mission so each bag is fully traceable from tree to shelf through their ‘Find My Farm’ program. Each bag is individually labeled with a QR code that tells the story of the women who dried the fruit, farmers who grew it, and the trees it came from. “We’re building a brand that does far more than offer you an amazing product. We want to help connect you to the women who make our fruit. Our brand is an extension of their farms and their fruit, so it's important that we share those stories with the rest of the world,” added Jen Kuhn, Chief Branding Officer at Agricycle Global.

Jali Fruit Co.’s products are launching online at and at several local retailers in Madison and Milwaukee in the brand’s home state of Wisconsin.

About Jali Fruit Co.
Jali Fruit Co. sells high-quality, premium dried fruit from around the world by sourcing directly from smallholder farmers. This direct network eliminates the middlemen and ensures that every batch of dried fruit is ethically sourced with quality top of mind.

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About Agricycle Global
Agricycle Global’s mission is to eliminate extreme rural poverty by reducing food loss and empowering rural women smallholders through market-based solutions. Agricycle Global develops simple machines that don’t use any electricity in order to make use of the natural fruit abundances from remote communities in Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin American and the Caribbean to create three brands: Jali Fruit Co., Tropicoal Ignition and What the Fruit?!

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