Attorney Richard Hastings Completes the Workshop on Dealing with Difficult People

Richard P. Hastings, a personal injury lawyer with the firm of Hastings, Cohan and Walsh, LLP, completed the Dealing with Difficult People workshop.

Online PR News – 19-September-2020 – Ridgefield, CT – Richard P. Hastings, a personal injury lawyer with the firm of Hastings, Cohan and Walsh, LLP, located in Connecticut, recently completed the weeklong workshop entitled Dealing with Difficult People, through the University of Windsor, Faculty of Law. This seminar is part of his ongoing education in the field of negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and alternative dispute resolution.

This workshop was attended by lawyers, mediators, and management executives from Canada, the United States, and multiple Caribbean islands. The program taught the participants how to better manage highly charged conflict situations and how to best navigate the objections that are raised by emotional individuals.

The workshop which consisted of interactive exercises and scholarly lectures taught the attendees how to handle difficult conversations and difficult people with increased skill and confidence and how to better respond to these situations to obtain a better outcome.

Attorney Hastings, who has been practicing personal injury law for over 35 years, is constantly looking for ways to further his knowledge and understanding in a variety of topics that can better help him to obtain more money for his injured clients. There are few skills that are more valuable than becoming a better negotiator and mediator because it can help obtain higher settlement values.

Attorney Hastings stated: “ A very high percentage of all personal injury cases are settled prior to trial and the ability to resolve these cases without having to go to trial rests in large part on the ability of the attorney to deal with the insurance company in a way that helps to maximize the amount of money the client is able to get in a negotiated settlement. The skills, techniques and knowledge that I have obtained through this experience will benefit my clients greatly.”

Attorney Hastings has written books and has lectured attorneys across the country on a variety of tips and techniques that can be used to negotiate higher settlements in personal injury cases. He has extensive experience and has received training through, among other places, the Harvard Law School and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He can be reached by visiting his website at