Sankalp Excels in Customer Service During COVID-19 Lockdowns

Sankalp has showcased its mettle by delivering effective customer services during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

Online PR News – 17-September-2020 – Pune – Global lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has led to major problems for businesses around the world. In India, Sankalp Computer & Systems is one of the few business organizations that have minimized the adverse business impact of COVID-19 to a significant extent. Being India’s top software development company, Sankalp has showcased its mettle by delivering effective customer services during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

In 2020, Sankalp is actively executing dozens of projects and has successfully delivered multiple products and technology services in the past few months. During the 4-month lockdown period, Sankalp has closed multiple new projects. Big Bright India Marketing Pvt Ltd is among these new client businesses to commence its technology project with Sankalp. “During the lockdown period, we have inquired for website development and we got a wonderful response from Sankalp’s end. You attended all of our queries with great dedication. Your attention towards us as clients is so much appreciable. Perhaps, that's why Sankalp is Sankalp!”, said the chairman of Big Bright India Marketing, Sanjay Wagh, appreciating Sankalp’s timely response.

In terms of projects delivered, Sankalp has completed multiple projects in the past few months. Every week, the software developer refined its knowledge sharing and provided updates on project status to customers. Rose Mosuhli, the Director of Financial Abundance Network, South Africa, is pleased with Sankalp’s on-time project delivery. “Thank you, Sankalp, for delivering even during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. I had a server problem and was worried about my business but “team Sankalp” came to my rescue and the problem was fixed within 24 hours. Keep it up with the good work,” said Mosuhli.

According to Nawin Vasireddy, the Head Administrator at Miraco Global (India), “Lockdown has affected everyone's life in all possible ways. But my experience with Sankalp during the lockdown is so satisfactory. We had launched our website in the midst of this lockdown and Sankalp provided their services as per the schedule, without any delay. Thanks to Sankalp for providing their timely support during the lockdown.” Including Miraco Global’s service queries, Sankalp has successfully executed n no of requests and resolved more tickets during the lockdown period.

The entire Sankalp team, from programmers and sales representatives to customer support and marketing professionals, was working from home. The director of Samriddhi Multitrade Pvt. Ltd., Bhavin Chauhan, sought the help of Sankalp for some technology service upgrades. According to Chauhan, “Lockdown in the entire country is going on from the past two months, where all businesses are hampered, including the service industry. But, we have not faced any kind of issue from Sankalp regarding its services. Their entire team was working from home and still all of our software-related queries & issues were getting solved within time. Also, from a communication point-of-view, we always got a prompt reply from Sankalp’s team.” In the past four months, the Sankalp team has spent over n number of hours working at home, dedicated to research & development.

Sankalp has reached out to clients and effectively coordinated with their teams for steadfast business delivery. Amitkumar Ponder, from Dreamvision4u Trade Pvt Ltd (India), thanks Sankalp by saying, “I appreciate your dedication to providing the best service during this lock-down period. We did not face any problem. It really felt good for nice coordination and support from your team. We sincerely appreciate your help and look forward to growing together.”

Within 120 days of the lockdown period, the Sankalp product engineering team has spent over 10,000 hours in software development and attained a whopping 95% client satisfaction rate. One such satisfied client is Deepak Mishra, the director of Green Life Care Pvt. Ltd. (India). According to Mishra, “Delighted! This one word sums up our experience of working with Sankalp for the MLM software. Despite the lockdown, the way their team coordinated with us is truly magnificent. It has been an overwhelming experience, and we are genuinely delighted with the services rendered! Highly recommended!”

Sankalp met all the timelines for its product delivery and query mitigation, which is why Abioye Oke, the CEO of Lifestyle Asset Hub Ltd, Nigeria said, “The world has witnessed an unprecedented shift in the ways businesses are conducted as a result of the effect of the COVID-19. Our strategic partnership with Sankalp has made our digital drive more seamless to the digital of all our vision partners and stakeholders. I particularly like Sankalp’s ability.”

Due to its stellar performance in supporting its client businesses effectively, Sankalp is one of the world’s few IT companies to have achieved the CMMI Maturity Level 3 business appraisal during such turbulent days of 2020.
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