WA Businesses Finally Embracing Search Marketing

Bang! Online Marketing hires Search Marketing Specialist Emma McDonald

Online PR News – 13-November-2009 – – Western Australian businesses are discovering that there is a lot more to online marketing than just having a website, and that digital media can work much harder at acquiring and retaining customers. An important (and relatively easy) first step is to ‘get onto Google’: the world’s Number One search engine has become the Yellow Pages of the 21st century.

WA has been a little slow in embracing online marketing, especially when compared with the UK. Luke Woodhill, Managing Director of Perth based Bang! Online Marketing, says “UK businesses were much quicker to realise the benefits of online marketing and aggressively deploy tactics to maximise the results from this channel. We are now beginning to see some of this here in Australia but we’re still a few years off reaching the maturity of the UK market. This is no bad thing - it presents some excellent opportunities for those companies that are ready to do something exciting with online marketing.”

To service this growing demand Bang! Online Marketing has just hired Search Marketing Specialist Emma MacDonald. For the past three years Emma has worked at Europe’s largest Search Engine Marketing company, the highly awarded The Searchworks, where she managed large clients such as Virgin Money, Experian, Debenhams and Mothercare.

“We’re really excited to have Emma on board; her Search Marketing skills and experience are exceptional. We’re also looking forward to applying some of the more mature Search Marketing strategies from the UK to use here in Perth”, said Luke.