Immunother publishes research report on metastatic spread of Pancreatic Cancer

Immunother today published a report on the research and deeper understanding of why pancreatic cancer spreads and why it is most commonly found in the liver.

Online PR News – 12-September-2020 – SHENZHEN – Immunother’s research finds that cells of the liver, called hepatocytes, react to inflammation in the early stages of pancreatic cancer which makes the organ particularly suitable for the spread of cancer.

Immunother’s report was conducted in the firm’s laboratory in Shenzhen where biomedical specialists of Immunother and professors of Hematology and Oncology shared their perspective views and ideas.

Immunother’s Chairman & Chief Scientist, Mr. Geoffrey Marcus PhD commented on the research report saying “Our team’s meticulous research on pancreatic cancer is crucial as we strive to better understand this disease, whilst also learning how and why pancreatic cancer commonly metastasizes to the liver, and how we can find ways to slow down or even stop that process."

"We do not know if blocking certain cells will be sufficient to reverse the flow into liver to slow down the cancer spread but we're eager to test many theories in the lab. The team are very grateful to be able to gain first-hand knowledge and also to engage in research against pancreatic cancer and to better understand the challenges and research opportunities that can be most impactful for patients," added Mr. Marcus, Chairman & Chief Scientist of Immunother.

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