Virtual World Peace Day Celebration Sept 21st

Discover how a grandmother ignites a national movement and celebration, inspired by her song We Are Oui, for love, peace and harmony.

Online PR News – 11-September-2020 – Downey, CA – Award winning, singer/songwriter Kathy Bee concluded that the best she could do to acknowledge and celebrate World Peace Day on September 21st was to recruit her talented friends and colleagues, regardless of their political or religious beliefs, to join her celebration about Love, Peace & Harmony. With a goal to reach people from all over the world, Bee set the price of admittance, for this virtual event as Free!

"It all began with a song called "We Are Oui" (Oui is the French word for yes pronounced we)," says Kathy Bee. As a Christian spiritual believer, Bee explains that the song came to her in the form of a dream years ago, after the death of famed performer Sammy Davis Jr. on May 16, 1990. In March, 2020, when the COVID 19 outbreak hit, 65 year-old Kathy Bee was laid off from her position as the Business to Business Director for the Red Hat Society in Fullerton, CA. Not capable of remaining idol for long, Bee took advantage of this down time to revisit her song, We Are Oui. With the help of arranger Andre Mayeux, who resides in Murphysboro, TN; her daughter Karrie Benoit Morales (who's a background singer for Smokey Robinson) and Karrie's four year–old daughter, Bee's granddaughter, Kaliyah; (who reside in Southern CA); through the powers of the internet; and in the midst of a pandemic…the song was produced. Bee is very proud to proclaim that three generations of singers are featured on We Are Oui, which promulgates Love, Peace and Harmony; to a country that is hurting; in a world that needs healing.

So I ask you my fellow traveler before your journey here is through what kind of footsteps will you leave for those who follow you?


In another dream, Bee saw herself hosting a show for World Peace Day. In this dream she visualized singers, dancers, performers, spoken word artists, painters, photographers and an array of performers all contributing to the production. Over the years, Bee wrote, produced and hosted award shows, musicals, and 250 local cable TV shows in Southern California called Touching Lives. However the virtual stage was a new arena for Kathy Bee. Her next step was to introduce her song, We Are Oui to her audience and fellow performers through a basic music video on YouTube. At the end of the video, Bee’s granddaughter Kaliyah ends the song by singing the words We Are Oui …Are we?" while displaying the sign language sign for "I Love You". Then Bee enlisted performers and nonperformers to send her their YouTube Videos of them singing "We Are Oui" and signing "I Love You". Sample videos of how to sing and sign, are displayed on the official Do The Dream World Peace Day Website. Information about the World Peace Day Poster Contest is also included on the site. Winners of the poster contest will be announced during the show.

Performers who have already joined the show include: Karrie & Kaliyah, Raymond Patterson, (Broadway and movie fame), James Twyman, (Peace Troubadour), Dr. David Gruder, Rev. Deborah Bishop, Marguerite Fair, Juliette Bastian, Paul Lloyd Warner, JoyGrace Harmony, Sheffra Williams, George Newberry, Umnewa, Molika Gupta, Jacque Zoccoli and more.

As the videos keep coming in, Bee is steadily working on getting the word out about the Do The Dream World Peace Day Virtual Celebration, which is one of her six online celebrations scheduled for the next twelve months. Her next celebration is on Nov. 8, 2020, National Footprints Day ( ).

Because Bee wants to share this proclamation of healing with the world, all shows are Free. Sponsors are welcomed and a VIP "After Party Meet & Greet" will follow the shows on Zoom.
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