Quironsalud Offers Lasik As Treatment For Astigmatism

Experts at Quironsalud explains that for people who want permanent results, LASIK is the way to go.

Online PR News – 10-September-2020 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Wearing correction glasses and contact lenses are the most common ways to address astigmatism. The process is easy-the the individual comes in for a checkup, and the eye specialist prescribes the lens power to correct astigmatism.

While this may prove to be a convenient way to treat astigmatism, it is not permanent as corrective glasses can either get lost or get broken over time.
Eye experts at Quironsalud, explain that for people who want permanent results, LASIK is the way to go.

“Some patients are born with astigmatism, and others develop it because of an injury. It is important to be addressed once the level of astigmatism stabilizes. Glasses are a popular option, but it is not always reliable and convenient. Other people do not want to wear corrective glasses or contact lenses.”

In this case, they describe LASIK as the ideal treatment for astigmatism.

“LASIK is fast, pain-free, and permanent, that’s why several patients prefer this treatment. Of course, you need to be assessed to determine if you are a good candidate for LASIK but most of the time, once the refractive issue stabilizes, then LASIK surgery is performed. Patients aged 20-25 usually have stabilized refractive errors.”

Offering LASIK as a treatment for astigmatism helps several individuals looking for long term or permanent results.

“At Quironsalud, we are more than happy to provide LASIK to not only treat astigmatism but other refractive errors as well, including myopia and hyperopia.”

Meanwhile, Quironsalud is open for anyone who wants to learn more about how LASIK can help with astigmatism and the proper care needed after treatment.