PowerFam game-launch fundraiser for Ottawa Food Bank, COVID-19 affected children

PowerFam launches a new family board game to play, learn and bond. Proceeds shared with Ottawa Food Bank for ensuring no child is hungry due to COVID-19

Online PR News – 08-September-2020 – Ottawa, Canada – Families are looking for innovative ways to engage and educate young kids at home, especially in the new normal with COVID. We also want to support our community and families impacted by the pandemic. PowerFam will help families in both these goals.
PowerFam is an innovative child-adult board game launched in Canada on Labour Day, 7 September 2020. It is a game of physical and mental skills with a twist - different challenges for children and adults ensure that every age is engaged and no one is bored. With over 200 challenge cards and multiple game formats including a board and a play mat, families will enjoy endless play combinations. Developed since 2018 with teachers and parents in Ottawa, the innovative play-learn format supports development of literacy, STEM and social-emotional skills in early learners, especially 4 to 6 year olds. Space adventure theme is sure to keep the young minds engrossed. Overall, think of the classic twister game, a classroom and Star Trek all rolled into one, enabling “strong connections, power families”.
Ottawa Food Bank provides fresh and non-perishable food and other essential supplies to its network of over 100 emergency food programs across the city of Ottawa. They distribute about 14 tons of food each day. They are running special campaigns to ensure no child goes hungry due to the COVID-19 pandemic and thousands of children get the food they need to grow and thrive during these difficult times.
PowerFam is collecting pre-orders through the month of September. A share of proceeds from each sale will be given to Ottawa Food Bank.
Every $1 dollar donated to Ottawa Food Bank helps them deliver $5 of food to the community, because they obtain food in large quantities and have amazing food industry partners and supporters.
Visit http://www.GoPowerFam.com or https://www.facebook.com/GoPowerFam to learn more about PowerFam.
Pre-order today for stronger connections in your family and to support others.