Free Webinar on Perfect Fitness Diet

Join us live in a session with a certified nutritionist and fitness coach on how to set up the perfect fitness diet in 30 minutes.

Online PR News – 08-September-2020 – London, – One Education is going to arrange a free webinar on 8th September 2020, with the title “Perfect Fitness Diet”. The webinar is open for all across the internet.

The webinar will cover several key topics under the umbrella of Fitness Diet which includes fat loss, muscle growth, meal planning, and many more. Also, it will focus on the fundamentals one should know before starting a diet. Learners will get a good grasp of a healthy diet and fitness best practices from the live discussion and have all their queries answered through an interactive Q&A session.

Key speaker

The key speaker Felix Harder will lead the presentation and deliver an in-depth discussion covering the core aspects of fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Felix is a certified nutritionist and fitness coach, and with experience in coaching over 70000 students, he is an industry expert in this field.

When discussing the webinar, Felix stated, “This free webinar would be a great opportunity for fitness enthusiasts, especially those who are new to starting a healthy diet. It is a chance to gain a comprehensive understanding of diet and fitness and learn the essentials of nutrition from an industry expert. They can ask questions and gain knowledge of certain things that are not easily available on other sources."

Should you join?

People interested in exploring more about fitness and a healthy lifestyle can register for the free webinar at

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About One Education

One Education is a top online course provider leading the e-Learning industry in the UK. Over the years, they have gained the trust of learners with more than 800+ internationally recognised courses in different fields, and more than 100,000 students have already taken training from them. One Education believes in the philosophy of understanding and upgrading lives. So, in this virtual fitness expert instructor-led training program, learners will find a practical, rigorous and systematic framework to meet their ultimate fitness goal.

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