Park Particle Research announce plans to develop and test Graphene DNA Sequencing

Park Particle Research today announced plans for the development of testing facility using graphene atoms and molecules for DNA sequencing.

Online PR News – 04-September-2020 – Gangnam-gu/SEOUL – Graphene is a robust, single atom with a thick honeycomb structure containing carbon with high electrical conductivity, which makes graphene an ideal material for high resolution, nanopore based sequencing of single DNA molecules.

Park Particle Research’s Chief Engineer, Dr. Choi Dong-Min commented on the new graphene DNA sequencing developments saying “Graphene is emerging as an important component for the future and recent research show us that it has the correct characteristics for potential DNA sequencing. We are extremely proud to lay the foundations for such development and we are proud to break boundaries with new materials and techniques.”

"Park Particle Research will use nanopore techniques with the goal to improve the cost, power and complexity of DNA sequencing. With first-generation technologies in development at Park Particle Research using nanopores, the addition of graphene will add a solid-state material. Graphene offers a potential solution due to its strength, dimensions, electrical properties and future potential for low-cost manufacturing,” added Dr. Choi Dong-Min, Chief Engineer of Park Particle Research.

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