NanoMediTech announces US$1.6million investment into Nano Research Science labs

NanoMediTech of South Korea today announced it will invest US$1.6 million into a Nano Science lab in Daegu to enable advances in Nanotechnology and Nanoscience.

Online PR News – 04-September-2020 – DONGJAK-GU/SEOUL – NanoMediTech will build advanced technological research labs to support researchers to develop advances in nanotechnology and nanoscale research and engineering with equipment to pursue impactful science for the betterment of society.

NanoMediTech’s Chief Science Officer, Mr. Laurent Brunet commented on the new Nano Research Science labs saying “The future of research depends on materials science, electronics, life science and nanotechnology. The pace of nanoscale microscopy and metrology innovations is growing at a rapid rate and we want to give our scientists and engineers the tools they need so we can focus on getting results."

“The investment will offer our team of researcher’s access to the most advanced nanoscale technologies including atomic force microscopy, scanning ion conductance microscopy, and scanning electro-chemical microscopy tools, for applications ranging from materials science to life science and electro-chemical research. We recognize that scientists and engineers require the best scientific instruments so they can pursue new forms of technology to improve our world.

About Us - NanoMediTech

Based in Seoul, Republic of Korea, NanoMediTech is a research and development company developing nanotechnology based biomedical applications. The company is leveraging its proprietary nanotechnologies to develop radically improved medical tools and solutions for the treatment of debilitating diseases and improvement of medical practices.

Nanotechnology is a burgeoning industry with practically limitless applications on our lives and with the potential to revolutionize the manner in which we detect and treat diseases and damage to the human body.