Apiary Fund Coin Press Release

UK, 31st August 2020. We are pleased to announce the release of the white paper for Apiary Fund Coin (AFC) for the crypto community.

Online PR News – 04-September-2020 – London, UK – The Apiary Fund Coin Network introduces a novel sharding-based blockchain architecture that aims to meet the global commercial standard. The technology behind the Apiary Fund Coin Network was inspired by the team's extensive experience in developing large-scale distributed systems in the centralized world that can handle billions of transactions per second. The mechanisms from these experiences have been applied to blockchain to create a unique solution to its scalability problem. This approach aims to greatly expand the usability of blockchain technology without sacrificing its core features of security and decentralization.

The Apiary Fund Coin Network is helping move blockchain into the next generation by increasing the current Transaction Per Second (TPS) capacity several-thousand-fold of what it is now, to a projected 100,000 TPS. The network being built is a project to be free of congestion, making it affordable for all usage scenarios that demand speed and volume. We envisage such a network applied to industries that demand higher TPS. Ultimately, the Apiary Fund Coin Network aims to build a high-throughput network to support applications such as distributed social media, high frequency trading, Internet of Things (lOT), gaming, and payment.