Tagion announces the release of its AlphaOne test network

Tagion, the monetary and banking system, announced today the release of its public AlphaOne test network.

Online PR News – 02-September-2020 – Denmark – Tagion, the monetary and banking system, announced today the release of its public AlphaOne test network. This milestone delivers Tagion to the hands of developers and next-generation economic visionaries in order to craft a platform for nearly instantaneous money transfers through a network utilizing a unique, elastic coin-supply policy to favor transactions over HODLing as an investment.

For individuals and companies looking to send or receive money in full privacy, immediately, and cheaply, Tagion offers a network that makes use of tomorrow’s distributed-network fintech technology, without the speculation or currency ties of today’s coin-enabled services. Tagion is firmly rooted in open-source development, giving everybody the opportunity to become part of the monetary revolution. The AlphaOne network release is a high point achieved after three years of consistent team work, sharpening of product focus, and implementation of theoretical and technical innovation. While the company has many team members and supporters to thank, Tagion has been a self-funded initiative by the Danish firm i25s ApS, with further funding from private SAFT agreements, but without an ICO or VC funding. The network is functional on Linux with a sucient number of nodes operating to enable testnet users to try out accessing the network, creating and sending payment requests, and sending and receiving the network’s tokens, called Tagions. Pulling the network out of the lab and running it in the real world will enable Tagion to develop it into a fully-fledged Beta network.

Tagion CEO and co-founder Theis Simonsen says that, “we’re proud to launch the AlphaIOne
network, and the Tagion community has been looking forward to getting their hands on a working model and seeing in particular how our high-throughput, network capacity, and virtual engine perform.”

Work on AlphaOne will be in the hands of Tagion CTO and co-founder Carsten Rasmussen. In particular, Carsten will be putting AlphaOne through its paces in order to test and develop:

- Proof of community by developing a platform to fine-tune the node selection algorithm
- The stability and capacity of the network
- The distributed network discovery protocol (like DNS)
- The Network APIs
- The state-less smart contract virtual engine
- The Sub/hyper DART/networks
- The initial DEX development.

The project will soon present a bounty hunt for developers and others who wish to test and help improve the network. More information on Tagion and the bounty hunt can be found Telegram/Tagioncha, or contact Tagion CSO Roxana Nasoi at rn@i25s.com.

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