Newest Innovation in Non-Lethal Spray Technology Now Carried By Ohio Law Enforcement

Reflex Protect® and its strategic partner, Tactical Defense Training Inc., in Ohio are training local police departments on Presidia Gel® and Reflex Remove™

Online PR News – 02-September-2020 – Cleveland, Ohio – The Medina County regional SWAT team was one of the nation’s first law enforcement agencies to experience a brand new defensive spray product out of Montana, called Reflex Protect® Presidia Gel® during its riot control training from Tactical Defense Training Inc., of Canton, Ohio in July. The products made such an impression on the officers that day that Brunswick Hills Township Police switched his entire department over and all his officers are now carrying it.
Sebring Police Department Officer Domenico Marchionda, who took part in an instructor’s class on Presidia Gel with the Alliance, Ohio, police department, successfully deployed the gel spray over the Fourth of July weekend. Faced with a size and strength disadvantage of an inebriated man, who ignored repeated verbal commands, the officer chose to use the Reflex Protect Presidia Gel he was carrying on his duty belt. Even though the man lowered his sunglasses to shield his eyes, a single short blast from six feet away rendered him immediately unable to see and disoriented.
After backup officers brought him under full control and placed him in handcuffs, the man was rapidly cleaned up with Reflex Remove™ fast-acting decontaminant. The other officers, not yet trained on Presidia Gel®, were so impressed by the speed of both it and Reflex Remove™, they asked to use their own personal uniform allowance to purchase the product, rather than waiting for the department to complete a full product vetting process.
Pepper Spray Upgrade
Law enforcement has traditionally relied on Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) – commonly known as pepper spray – as a non-lethal tool in use-of-force response. For years, however, officers have reported that even if the perpetrator is subdued by the noxious fumes, innocent bystanders and even LE itself becomes similarly contaminated. Many officers do not even carry OC for that reason.
“The last time I deployed a chemical agent aerosol was OC spray and there was significant cross-contamination that day; but not enough to incapacitate myself, my chief or the fire department personnel on scene,” explains Officer Marchionda. “It was a relief being able to deploy a chemical agent that didn't significantly affect everyone else. I am very pleased the only person disoriented by the Presidia Gel was the subject. All officers on scene were able to return to full duty immediately following the call.”
Reducing Injuries and Lasting Harm
Being able to resolve – safely and quickly – potentially violent situations speaks to the potential for how Presidia Gel® can immediately impact both law enforcement and the communities they serve. By using a fast acting less-lethal gel, far fewer encounters should result in injury or lasting harm to anyone.
Accepted best practices suggest that law enforcement officers are annually retrained on the less-lethal options they carry. New technology Presidia Gel® delivers faster debilitating effects in a highly accurate, non-atomizing stream that won’t cross-contaminate. Further, it comes with an “antidote” in the form of Reflex Remove™ decontamination solution that neutralizes the effects of the gel and cleans the subject and environment in minutes, far faster than previously possible.
A Use of Force Solution
“Tactical Defense Training (TDT) has partnered with Reflex Protect® to provide law enforcement training across the United States. With the increased scrutiny of law enforcement use of force, this is a lifesaving tool that increases officer safety, reduces injuries to both officers and suspects, allows the suspect to be taken into custody, decontaminated and returned to normal in a few minutes with no long-lasting effects. All the reasons cops hate OC spray do not apply to Reflex Protect®,” said Matt Schaefer, president of TDT, who is also a police officer assigned to the Sheriff’s Office Training Bureau and U.S. Army veteran.
“Reflex Protect® is proud to offer law enforcement our innovative and highly effective non-lethal controlling force solution. We believe this training will result in safer outcomes for the entire community and can be the foundation for a new approach to addressing threats of violence wherever they arise,” said Joe Anderson, CEO of Reflex Protect®.
About Tactical Defense Training Inc.:
Since 1999, Tactical Defense Training Inc. — or TDT, as they are known in the tactical community — has been a recognized leader in law enforcement and military training. TDT has trained law enforcement from local, state and federal agencies, students from every branch of the military, private security and select civilians. TDT has trained thousands of students in the past decade, making the organization known for realistic and intense training.
About Reflex Protect®:
Reflex Protect® is a Montana-based non-lethal self-defense company providing law enforcement and corrections officials, nurses, teachers, frontline personnel, and the general public the peace of mind that comes from having a safe, target specific, and effective less-lethal option. The company offers fast-acting CS spray gel and decontaminant as well as tactical products and law enforcement and civilian training. Reflex Protect® brand products are distributed through mass-market retailers, wholesale distributors, independent dealers, e-commerce marketers and installation service providers. Reflex Protect is manufactured in the U.S. For more information, please visit or